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  1. Goku

    Lifetime subs?

    great timing
  2. Goku

    Lifetime Subs of 2018

    too bad i have 0$ but not 40
  3. Goku

    Bongo cat

    id like it aswell however im pretty sure this wont happen
  4. Goku

    Bongo cat

    it would randomly smash keys on your keyboard, idk but rumoi said that "this is useless and would cause more complaints then it would quench"
  5. Goku

    Bongo cat

    as i said before, it would heavily decrease the quality
  6. Goku

    Bongo cat

    and those other cheats are probably complete trash
  7. Goku

    (auto) correction

    it literally says BLATANT
  8. Goku

    Bongo cat

    wont happen since the key inputs would have to come out on your end, which would heavily decrease the quality
  9. Goku


  10. Goku


    1st. how is he supposed to do that 2nd. theres no need, he can appeal after 3 months and the chance of him getting unrestricted is pretty high, however his account will get rolled back
  11. Goku


    you fucked up mate
  12. Goku

    Is replay editor hard to use?

    you get the hang of it after 10 minutes
  13. Goku

    Relax hack questions

    whats wrong with it? direction prediction extremely improved and all other changes were made to look more legit
  14. Goku

    Relax wait late

    let rumoi take a look at it, its in an early state so it isnt perfect of course
  15. Goku

    Relax wait late

    if you think that it looks unlegit id suggest to turn it off for now i'd turn direction prediction definitely on, theres no point in not doing so