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  1. Goku


    open the launcher, click on dejavu, add a new profile, click on the all random button, apply the profile, wait for it till it says its applied and youre good to go
  2. Goku

    osu! freezes and then closes

    bro how tf can u play properly nomod with ar9.9 im playing with 10.5 xd
  3. Goku

    osu! freezes and then closes

    the vid got copyright striked
  4. it still exists, and a rework to make it look legit is planned. however, its not a priority right now
  5. Goku

    Where is the mouse assist?

    nothing new, as @JustWantedToBeGood said, its not a priority right now
  6. Goku

    Program not actually pressing the keys

    kev said that that wont probably happen
  7. Goku

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    @rumoi i dont have any solutions left, you have to ask rumoi, he already helped somebody with the same issue
  8. Goku

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    try deinstalling your current .net and try installing 4.6.1 again
  9. Goku

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    have you also tried installing .net 4.6.1?
  10. Goku


    how much will dejavu approximately cost?
  11. im looking for an account with at least 30k+ playcount, if possible 2+ years of registration date (not really important) and it has to be from a country where many players are registered in it dont even try to sell me overpriced shit, i know the prices discord Mosilein#6150
  12. Goku

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    rumoi said that installing .net 4.6.1 fixes it the tips below might help 1) Having certain recording software in the background while loading seems to mess things up on certain peoples computers 2) For some reason repairing osu! fixed some loading issues for other users 3) Are you using Windows 7? There was a weird windows 7 version that did some un defined behavior (unlikely as the loader seems to be fine) so checking for updates might help
  13. Goku

    Question before buyinggggggg

    none of the clients are detected, and they werent in the past afaik what gets you usually banned are other people looking at your profile/plays, so you have to look not suspicious on your profile and on your plays
  14. Goku

    9 y/o osu! account

    dude literally EVERYONE tells u that its way too overpriced, it isnt fine at all how are people supposed to climb in ranks at 1,1k raw pp without looking suspicious in a short amount of time, it would take several months too get relatively high in ranks