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  1. Yes it would be nice to have customizable keys for opening the menu, losing acc with relax etc +1
  2. Have a look in the "Tutorials" section on the forum. There are some guides on how to stay undetected & what values to use for relax 🙂
  3. Everyone would like that but I doubt he would keep adding features and keep it included with every sub.
  4. AIM ASSIST If these settings/customizability get implemented in the future, Aim-Assist could become it's own sub for like $5-8? Instead of having OFF/LOW/HIGH there are multiple sliders to change the aim-assist strength for: Circles, Sliders & Streams. Each customizable from 0.00 to 1.00. That way you can have medium settings etc. You can hit jumps but won't work very well on streams etc. Spaced streams look very snappy at the moment for some people. More options could be: Having Aim-Assist settings load at startup, atm you have to turn it on every time. Aim-Assist Range, This is for jumps & streams. Basically if the circles are a certain distance way from another, it will not assist your aim. This will make jumps & streams less obvious. ENLIGHTEN I think there should be more customizability for when you're playing. Some features could be: Follow Points, Hit Circle Numbers, Cursor Trail & Hit Circle Fade-In instead of it just appearing. CHEAT SECURITY (im paranoid) I feel like if peppy wanted to, he could easily ban players using AQN, such as checking running applications for the AQN icon & libeay32.dll. He could be logging AQN users ready for a huge ban wave??? Currently users are just storing this cheat on their computer with the name "AQN.exe" ???? How to combat this: Every time someone downloads the loader, the loader and dll are given a random string for the name and a random icon. The cheat should also be required to load off a USB and take the USB out before injection. Many private cheats for osu, csgo etc use this system and have never been detected. ty for coming to my ted talk
  5. I'm thinking about playing on Ripple and I heard somewhere that some private servers have their own anti-cheats. Is it safe to use Aim-Assist & Enlighten on Ripple. Also what can't I do Ripple with their Anti-Cheat? Also, will I get banned for setting decent scores as a "new" ripple player? What new players start on Ripple lol
  6. For legit play, won't show in analysers etc
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