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  1. Girl

    wts accounts

    Waste of time, yes. Not selling accounts anymore. Probably not checking discord either for anyone who comes to this thread in the future.
  2. Girl

    wts accounts

    bump sold a few but still have the rest, usually checking discord every 2 days or so
  3. Girl

    wts accounts

    I'm pretty dead and I forgot to check discord that day, going to sleep now if I remember I will check when I wake up edit: checked and accepted friend requests
  4. Girl

    wts accounts

    will check discord tomorrow
  5. i added you on discord, i am interesting in buying an osu account,

    my discord is James Exclusive#6969

  6. They will still get your actual IP when you login to the game/create the account
  7. If it's all new hardware and you have a new router then no, but if you already made an account a while ago on that computer they will know that's your second account.
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