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  1. L1ght

    WTS 4 digit

    sure, added my name is Zero
  2. where do i goto find accounts to buy for cheaper?, any suggestions?, I find it hard to find osu account marketplaces
  3. whenever I try to recover it back it also doesnt send to my first email I made w/ the account
  4. Hi, im new to this cheat, first osu cheat ive ever used, Ik how to make new accounts and everything, I know about pp restrictions and everything but for some odd reason, when i created an acc 3 days ago I got like 200 pp, didnt get auto restricted after 3 days, and I was g, I leave osu couple hours later i try log in and i get "your account password reset" and its happened quite a few times whenever im trying to farm an acc up, and I have no clue, bc im not being auto restricted after making too much pp, so its very strange. Not only that but my acc is not to be found either, so I have no clue. https://osu.ppy.sh/u/13115973 that was my acc profile page, and its gone now. https://gyazo.com/cabf04e14b92ab05a9123db0f8d191e1 I even have proof that it was up and working with a discord screenshot from yesterday. ge
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