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  1. I'm still having this issue. Any fix or will I need to contact you on discord also?
  2. holycnut

    Aquila Free Week

    r/osureport going to have a fun week
  3. lifetime subs PogU

  4. holycnut

    how is it?

    I agree ^. UR needs to be higher to look legit
  5. lifetime sale when

  6. holycnut

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    Suddenly it works. Didn't change anything at all. Thanks for the (attempted) help.
  7. holycnut

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    I can't uninstall 4.6.1 since it's built in to windows 10. Can't disable it either since "programs and features" tab only lists 4.7 and 3.5
  8. holycnut

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    Gives an error when installing .net 4.6.1
  9. holycnut

    osu! crashes after loading Enlighten

    1) Nothing running in the background. Just osu! and the loader. I am on cutting edge release btw. Don't know if that affects anything 2) Repairing osu doesn't fix the problem 3) Using Windows 10 Edit: Switching to stable doesn't fix the crash either.
  10. title. osu! doesn't give the usual crash message. It just freezes and closes. Working fine a couple hours ago though.
  11. holycnut


    No. Only way to buy Dejavu is with Enlighten
  12. holycnut

    Where to put aqn loader?

    Ok thanks. Edit: One more question. Do I open the aqn launcher or osu first?
  13. holycnut

    Where to put aqn loader?

    Title. Just wondering if you need to rename the exe or put the aqn loader in a specific place or another drive like csgo hacks. Thanks