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  1. Snow_Wind


    Could just use relax + auto and SD/PF mod. Or if you're playing a mode besides Standard just hit SD/PF and set the bot so that it misses or does bad
  2. Snow_Wind

    Program not actually pressing the keys

    Right, and having a sub 1k player that can't even use a kps program in recordings is pretty "shit" as well. So what am I to do? Stop buying your shit? Or simply start all over on a new account until the same thing happens again? This is actually an unfortunate problem for me, and it would be nice if you responded like the adults that you are. Instead of as if you're just a bunch of kids slapping your dicks across a keyboard
  3. Snow_Wind

    Program not actually pressing the keys

    I see, no real point in continuing my sub then. Thanks
  4. So the other day I was messing around with osu!maniac and while it was playing through a song I casually hit F8 to respond to a message. To my surprise it continued playing the song and none of the keys that it was pressing were displayed into my chat box. If possible I'd like to fix this so that the keys actually register on my end, so that it'll work with kps programs, bongocat, and stuff of the sort, ty