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  1. spok4


  2. spok4

    Top 50 in osu!

    responding to ur claims real fast 1 and 2. smh is a known multiaccount of primrose, who was already in the top 1k before he unfortunately lost access to his account. IIRC osu support restricted him briefly due to his insanely low hours high rank, but support allowed him to keep his second account and banned his main account. 3. his liveplay I have no idea if he is engaging into foul play but knowing how long he's actually been playing, i seriously doubt that,
  3. spok4

    Circle Auto Comeback when

  4. spok4


    .net reactor maybe
  5. spok4


    Yea if ur reinstalling osu on a new drive all u have to do is change the MAC address if it’s the same pc. Not very sure if the other clients on different drives will conflict though Edit: if it happens to actually be conflicting, open regedit and locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/osu! And delete the uninstallid registry key. 🙂
  6. spok4

    Lower than AR5

    yea not possible sry
  7. spok4

    8ball on aqn

    title make tokens bettable in it
  8. spok4

    Lower than AR5

    yea I don’t think loot boxes is a good “suggestion” in my opinion
  9. spok4

    nigward vs squidward who would win?

    nigward win
  10. hi lookign foir taccount in 4 digits must have decent playtime and over 30k playcount do not send me some bullshitt thanks
  11. spok4