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Everyone will have to register a new account, if you had a subscription please use your email that you had on your old AQN account!

To transfer your old subscriptions you need the same email as your previous Aquila account as you register.


You can transfer subscriptions by clicking here once you have verified your email.

You can verify your subscriptions on the Manage Purchases page of the store or by clicking here.


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  1. is there a way to get approach circles with my own skin with the HD option enabled? I know a long time ago enlighten used to do this also, you used to have to close the AQN Loader before logging into osu/submitting scores, is this still a thing or can you just log in and play and be able to change settings as you're playing?
  2. "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per minute. Please try again later." Tried messaging you and got this. How do I open a ticket? Thanks
  3. Exact same thing for me, fun :D
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