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  1. Shut The Fuck Up Stupid Fucking Prick. Right Then In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.6/algorithm:63:0, from error_code.cpp:2: /usr/include/c++/4.6/bits/stl_algo.h: In function ‘_RandomAccessIterator std::__find(_RandomAccessIterator, _RandomAccessIterator, const _Tp&, std::random_access_iterator_tag) [with _RandomAccessIterator = __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator*, std::vector > >, _Tp = int]’: /usr/include/c++/4.6/bits/stl_algo.h:4403:45: instantiated from ‘_IIter std::find(_IIter, _IIter, const _Tp&) [with _IIter = __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator*, std::vector
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    1. robotvanpirenew


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    2. robotvanpirenew


      People's Republic of China (since 1949) 1949–1966 See also: Great Chinese Famine Name    Date    Location    Deaths    Notes Chinese Land Reform    1949–1953    Nationwide    1,000,000 – 4,700,000[10]    Launched by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China (CPC). Liquidation of the landlord class in struggle sessions. Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries    1950–1953    Nationwide    712,000 – 2,000,000[11][12]    Launched by Mao Zedong and CPC. Three-anti and Five-anti Campaigns    1951–1952    Nationwide        Exact death toll is unknown. In Shanghai alone, from 25 January to 1 April 1952, at least 876 people committed suicides.[13][14][15] Launched by Mao Zedong and CPC. Sufan movement    1955–1957    Nationwide    53,000[16][17]    Launched by Mao Zedong and CPC. Anti-Rightist Campaign    1957–1959    Nationwide        Exact death toll is unknown. Official statistics shows that at least 550,000 people were purged and many died.[18][19][20] Launched by Mao Zedong and CPC. Xunhua Incident    1958    Qinghai    435    The massacre was conducted by People's Liberation Army towards local civilians.[21] 1959 Tibetan uprising    1959    Tibet    87,000[22][23][24]    The exact number of deaths has been disputed.[25] Violence in the Great Chinese Famine    1959-1961    Nationwide    2,500,000[26][27]    Killings occurred during the Great Chinese Famine.[28][29] According to Frank Dikötter, at least 2.5 million (2-3 million) people were beaten or tortured to death, which accounted for 6%-8% of the total deaths in the famine.[27][29][30] Socialist Education Movement    1963–1965    Nationwide    77,560[31]    Launched by Mao Zedong.

      1966–1976 (Cultural Revolution) See also: Cultural Revolution § Massacres and cannibalism Cultural Revolution was launched by Mao Zedong in May 1966, with the help of the Cultural Revolution Group. The estimated total death toll ranges from hundreds of thousands to 20 million,[32] while massacres took place across the country. Some of the massacres occurred during the Violent Struggles (200,000-500,000 deaths), struggle sessions or political purges such as Cleansing the Class Ranks (0.5-1.5 million deaths). In total, some Chinese researchers have estimated that at least 300,000 people were killed in Cultural Revolution massacres.[33][34] Massacres in Guangxi Province and Guangdong Province were among the most serious: in Guangxi, the official annals of at least 43 counties report massacres with 15 of them recording a death toll of over 1,000, while in Guangdong at least 28 counties report massacres with 6 of them seeing over 1,000 deaths.[35][36] The following table only includes major massacres which have been well documented in literature. Name    Date    Location    Deaths    Notes Red August    August – September 1966    Beijing    1,772[37]    Origin of the Red Terror in Chinese Cultural Revolution, triggering "Daxing Massacre" which killed 325 people in a few days. Statistics from 1985 showed a death toll of over 10,000 due to the Red August.[38] Guangxi Massacre    1966–1976    Guangxi    100,000 – 150,000[39][40]    Massive cannibalism occurred.[39][40] Inner Mongolia incident    1967–1969    Inner Mongolia    16,632 – 100,000[36]    Mostly Mongols. Qinghai Massacre    February 1967    Qinghai    173[36]    Conducted by People's Liberation Army.[36][41] Guangzhou Laogai Fan Incident    August 1967    Guangzhou, Guangdong 187-197[42][43]    Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Caused by the rumor that Laogaifan (prisoners of Laogai) were released. Local citizens began massive killings as self-defense.[42][43] Anti-Peng Pai Incident    August 1967    Shanwei, Guangdong    >160[44]    Targeted the relatives of Peng Pai. Qingtongxia Incident    August 1967    Qingtongxia, Ningxia    101[36][45]    Conducted by People's Liberation Army.[36][45] Yangjiang Massacre    1967–1969    Yangjiang, Guangdong    3,573[36][46]    Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Mainly in Yangjiang and Yangchun.[36][46] Daoxian massacre    August – October 1967 Daoxian, Hunan    9,093[47]    Took place in more than 10 counties, mainly in Dao County. Shaoyang County Massacre    July – September 1968 Shaoyang, Hunan 991[36][48]    Influenced by Daoxian Massacre. Dan County Massacre    August 1968    Danzhou, Hainan    >700[36][49]    Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Over 50 thousand people were jailed and thousands were permanently disabled. Conducted by People's Liberation Army and local militias.[36][49] Ruijin Massacre    September –October 1968    Ruijin, Jiangxi    >1000[36][50]    Took place in Ruijin County, Xingguo County, and Yudu County.[36][50] Zhao Jianmin Spy Case    1968–1969    Yunnan    17,000[36]    Over 1.3 million people persecuted. Shadian Incident    July – August 1975 Yunnan    1,600[51]    Mostly Hui people. Conducted by People's Liberation Army.

      1976–1999 Name    Date    Location    Deaths    Notes Tibetan unrest    1987-1989    Tibet    >10    Official source states the death toll between 10-20, but other estimates range from dozens to hundreds.[52] Tiananmen Square protests of 1989    1989, 4 June    Tiananmen Square, Beijing    200–10,000[53][54]    Between 200 and 10,000 civilians were killed. The Red Cross states that around 2,600 died and the official Chinese government figure is 241 dead with 7,000 wounded.[55][56] Amnesty International's estimates puts the number of deaths at several hundred to close to 1,000.[57] NATO intelligence reported around 7,000 and the Soviet Union reported around 10,000.[citation needed] As many as 10,000 estimated people were arrested during the protests.[58] Thousand Island Lake robbery killings    1994, 31 March    Zhejiang Province    32    24 Taiwanese tourists, 6 crew members, and 2 mainland Chinese passengers on board the "Hai Rui" sightseeing cruise were robbed and murdered. The incident cast a shadow over cross-strait relations.[59] Ghulja Incident    1997, 5 February    Ghulja, Xinjiang    9    Demonstrations in Ghulja were violently put down by police after two days of protesting. Official reports put the death toll at 9.[60] Long wins round robbery    1998 November 15    Shanwei    23    Guangdong Province, Shanwei City, the territory of an armed robbery case, the Hong Kong shipping company "Changsheng" million tons of cargo ship on which 23 Chinese expatriate crew were all killed and their corpses dumped into the sea.[61]

      Imperial China (before 1912) Name    Date    Location    Deaths    Notes Yangzhou massacre    760    Yangzhou        Thousands of foreign merchants (Arabs and Persians) were killed during the An Lushan Rebellion. Guangzhou massacre    878–879    Guangzhou    120,000    Foreign merchants (Muslim Arabs, Muslim Persians, Zoroastrian Persians, Christians, and Jews) were killed.[citation needed] First Sichuan massacre    1221-1264    Sichuan, China    2,000,000 est.[1]    It was estimated that 2,000,000 were massacred by Mongolian army and its Chinese supples. Second Sichuan massacre    1645-1646    Sichuan, China    1,000,000 est.[1]    There is no reliable figure, but estimated 1 million out of 3 million Sichuanese were massacred mainly by the army of Zhang Xianzhong.[1] Yangzhou massacre    1645    Yangzhou    =?< 300,000 (modern estimate)[2] Dzungar genocide    1755–1757    Dzungar Khanate    540,000[3]    480,000 to 600,000 deaths. 80% of population killed[citation needed] Ningpo Massacre    1800s    Ningbo    40    Cantonese pirates supported by the Qing massacred 40 Portuguese pirates. Jindandao incident    1891    Inner Mongolia    150,000 - 500,000    Ethnic tensions led a Chinese secret society, Jindandao, to revolt and kill 150,000 - 500,000 Mongols. Port Arthur massacre    1894, 21 November    Lüshunkou, Liaoning    4500    1000–20,000[citation needed] Kucheng Massacre    1895, 1 August    Gutian, Fujian    11    11 British Missionaries killed by a fasting folk religious group on 1 August 1895 Taiyuan Massacre    1900, July    Taiyuan, Shanxi    45

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  5. ZXMCosmkvdnoiioneronregARGnrnoge;oirooergngoen;oregoerg;gerog;fv;fgn;edoign45oitjm o48gbym0945buym0943uy09pum45096um5097m065;bm90u65um9[0i,5p957up5iu,pbn9o37im3n5po;inbp5;eoyepl;oybier5pobykr,bpoyritopkiyptirtdo,'okp,r7oukroub'7uo'56uwso ,uoe reojmeyjpomaop'e'yojw4jw4p5y,4p'5,'pyw45j',bw5 j,oj,[w4bjo,5[yw,49[bw,4byw45yjo[ ow45yb5w4,ow54y ,o[ Look At This Little Chap... Hmmmmmm He Looks Like hmmmmAPsfipmoajpfodjfjmopdsoj[pdojp[dm..... Lard Stupid Fucking Bad Shut The fuck Up Stupid Fucking Prick Fuck Right Off Then Mate 😄😄 :d Minecraft Launcher Dow
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  8. Seph Discord Child Rape Accusations 

    joe biden'.jpg

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