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  1. /please close topic Solution = Turn off Wallpaper Engine... suddenly works
  2. Dear theAquila.net Community, I have a huge problem launching the Relax hack. Everytime im starting Osu! it runs fine, after injecting Relax hack it freezes for a second and then closes. There is no Error message, its just gone. I will be very thankful for every solution. My Rig : CPU : AMD Ryzen 1700X GPU : Gainward Phenix GTX1060 RAM : 16 GB HyperX Fury 2666mhz DDR4 OS : Windows 10 x64 up tp date All drivers of the called components are up to date. I already tried to repair Osu!, redownload the Loader multiple times and upgraded Netframework. Also Ive tried to switch the stable version to different versions... but nothing help. And i changed the compability of Osu! and the Loader... same issue it crashes after inject. #pls help #sryformybadenglish
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