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  1. kekek

    Relax suggestion

    LOL really? didnt know that. I havent been here since the website update my bad
  2. kekek

    Relax suggestion

    I had an idea about a relax bot that has a BPM cap, if it goes above the BPM (you put in in the settings) it starts getting misses and 50's. This would be helpful to reduce detection, especially among streamers who get people sending in troll maps to expose them (similar to the situation with Sony; reference the first clip). I can understand that it probably wont be a priority, just a suggestion. )
  3. kekek

    How to multi-account

    question if i made an alt and went inactive for 40 days, would i get auto banned for setting a 60-200pp score?
  4. kekek

    Did the auto bot get taken down?

    Sounds good, thanks for the replies guys
  5. Must have over 30 hours played. discord: 桜満開#2829 Depending on the account, Ill pay more
  6. I havent been on here since the update and I didnt know if you guys took down the auto bot to make a new *better* one or not, any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you