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  1. kekek

    WTS STD 4 digit

    added and DM'd
  2. kekek

    peppy is getting replay inspector?

    should also add to turn on filter score submission if youre going to be editing your replay or do a replay offline, if you get suspected they may want all of your replays on a map if you have more than one
  3. kekek

    wtb account (read)

    willing to spend anything necessary money isnt an issue must have decent amount of hours and play count must be low 5 digit or any 4 digit *no previous bans* discord: asdfghjkl#2829
  4. kekek

    How to multi-account

    I don't think, if youre not setting too insane of scores then you shouldn't get banned. What do you think @solis
  5. kekek

    relax keys pressing down too mechanical?

    @rumoi I was just curious how it worked and everything, I was unsure how to make it look like the keys pressed down longer. I reduced that setting and it looks much better now, thank you for the reply
  6. Is it possible to make the keys press down for longer so they dont look as mechanical? In my replays and Ive seen some others aswell, its incredibly easy to see theyre relax cheating just by how fast the key presses down and comes back up. I know there used to be an old setting for this but I was unsure if I'm missing something or if there was an issue with the old settings, etc.
  7. kekek

    MID error when applying profile?

    No but i just fixed it by restarting my computer again. 🙂
  8. just unsure if I did anything wrong, its worked seamlessly before but i restarted my computer and now theres this error. Idk what an MID is but Im hoping someone can help 😄
  9. I'll pay $40-$70 depending on the account. Discord: itsuka#2829 Im desperate af I tried multi accting but i dont have the patience. I'll pay upfront as long as theres proof of the account being real and everything. pls dont rip me off lmao im broke as fuck rn i just miss playing MUST be osu!std
  10. I will give $60 for account if its still available, I added you on discord we can discuss more there
  11. I didnt know if there was a link i was missing or if it came with it or not but its not there for me, any suggestions would be helpful ^.^
  12. kekek

    Relax suggestion

    LOL really? didnt know that. I havent been here since the website update my bad
  13. kekek

    How to multi-account

    sounds good thank you
  14. kekek

    Relax suggestion

    I had an idea about a relax bot that has a BPM cap, if it goes above the BPM (you put in in the settings) it starts getting misses and 50's. This would be helpful to reduce detection, especially among streamers who get people sending in troll maps to expose them (similar to the situation with Sony; reference the first clip). I can understand that it probably wont be a priority, just a suggestion. )
  15. kekek

    How to multi-account

    question if i made an alt and went inactive for 40 days, would i get auto banned for setting a 60-200pp score?