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  1. kekek


    No it's alright lower prices might help get more people to buy aswell
  2. @rumoi an implement of these features would be really nice
  3. pepe just dm me on discord random#9501
  4. kekek


    looking for 3-5 digit accounts with decent playtime and playcount depending on acct ill pay more Random#9501
  5. I can make you an italian acct and get it high in playtime and playcount for a price. I added on discord
  6. kekek


    do they look better now? if not dm me on discord
  7. kekek


    I made it cheaper but idk lol its mostly for peoples multi accounts that don't want to get playtime/playcount on them themselves
  8. kekek


    dont want to sell anymore, mods can remove the post
  9. i know why but im not leaking anything
  10. added on discord hope to hear from you soon.
  11. should also add to turn on filter score submission if youre going to be editing your replay or do a replay offline, if you get suspected they may want all of your replays on a map if you have more than one
  12. willing to spend anything necessary money isnt an issue must have decent amount of hours and play count must be low 5 digit or any 4 digit *no previous bans* discord: asdfghjkl#2829
  13. I don't think, if youre not setting too insane of scores then you shouldn't get banned. What do you think @solis
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