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  1. u sent me a way of detecting it, but even before that there was an even more braindead header lul
  2. 1st thing was meant about me changing, not u; i thought u had changed until i heard about sunpy thing 2nd you literally just had the "sunpy incident" happen what like a few months ago? you are not yet out of the sketch hole, i do not care if it has been 6 months or a year that is a fat "fuck you" to the trust factor of a person 3rd goto 2nd 4th if anything it's better for someone to analyse you thats observing from the sidelines, because they don't have any bias whatsoever, i just see what you do, and look at the facts and then make a decision. for example i know ur doing cool stuff with ur site, it's actually pretty neat and i don't think i could do that, but i also see the sunpy thing and its like bruh u were almost golden 5th dude the headers from ainu login are blatant and have been the whole time im eating so sorry for 20wpm response time my fingers r sticky from ribs notice how this is about 'sketch' and im only bringing up sunpy thing. u were so close to having my trust for that dssdasdasdasdasadsads
  3. It's simple. all u gotta do is not pretend ur not sketch and ur already gaming. working out of the 'sketch' hole isnt something that happens overnight :^)
  4. Ah yes the classic "you changed!!@!!@!@". I can almost categorize these arguments into "classic" moves every time. Oh wait they're all the exact same! If you look back to every time someone has said this about me, you'll notice it's because they blow out a fat load of shit before I call them out. I'm not switching personalities, I am simply not putting up with lies people spew out of their ass. If you say someone stupid, I will call you out for it if i think it will make people falsely believe you. I have quite literally explained this to you before, sure i'll be nice when you're not being a retard, but as soon as you flip the switch why would I want to associate with you? Also, yeah i'm really sure you just COULDN'T detect ainu without hwids, it's really hard to detect ainu kappa.
  5. Ah yes classic ilyt, you call him out for something simple, he plays dumb then 10 seconds later edits his message to try to roast the other person to come out on top. Alright I guess i'll spell it out for you. By "log everything", I think it would be pretty obvious if you read the context (which you've conveniently taken it out of), to mean log messages and server side timing and stuff, not hwid/passwords and all that like someone else i can think of (wow who could that be?). The kablaze part is another half truth. I was in the call, I didn't say anything against it, and that's been admitted over a year ago. This is probably common knowledge at this point, but this is more of a sketch factor in your case than mine. It was unrelated to me, and had to do with your server, not Akatsuki. But yea dude, definitely pressured kablaze into cheating on your server, that would definitely benefit me, wouldn't only benefit yozora no way that's not how that works.. It's almost like there's a reason people think you're sketchy; clearly you even realize it. If you want to clear it up you should just come to terms and admit it rather than trying to slide around everything negative; This is like watching a person get in a car crash, then they say "what car?" while walking away from the scene. You can try to keep sliding around everything but ur going to be considered sketch until u just change the way you operate.
  6. when u log things u should not be logging u lose all trust in that sort of aspect :^)
  7. k idk about that many chief i get like once a month lol, but still
  8. can i buy one for akatsuki source also honestly why has no one done this before, lol with the amount of dms i get for help it's not even a bad idea
  9. i will not shalt join this gaming convention 😎
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