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  1. I'm looking for a CtB account to have fun on, must be at least 3yo
  2. aku

    WTB old account

    still looking for an acc
  3. Title says everything, i'm looking for an old account, if it has never been used it perfect, from 2007 to 2010. And i'd rather having an European account tho, add me here: aku#9900
  4. Cool thing for user that want to try out AQN :3
  5. aku

    French thread

    Alors, vous êtes tous morts?
  6. aku

    French thread

    Ok et moi je suis non binaire.
  7. aku

    French thread

    Tu fais pas parti du "adoré" ;3
  8. There's a huge wave of bans now, luckily i'm still standing.
  9. Hey qt, you know this message is for you:
    I love you ❤️

  10. aku

    French thread

    Si j'étais juste seul sur le coup :^)
  11. aku

    French thread

    Sinon personne veut m'add Discord? :^)
  12. aku

    French thread

    KPOP et JPOP c'est franchement bien parcontre
  13. aku

    French thread

    Fais pas genre on le sait tous!
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