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  1. Haven't posted much lately but i'm fucking impressed, HOW did you even manage to do that? I've analyzed 5 +- plays with it and all i noticed was more consistency on jumps which is amazing and also after analyzing i really didn't find anything fishy with various mods / maps. I could see sometimes that it adjusted a bit but that's only because i know how exactly i aim (or try to aim) on certain patterns. Very impressive sick job rumoi. 10/10
  2. -rep childish attempts to scam (if you need money just get a job dude)
  3. wanpi

    Fake Liveplays

    u sure about that bud? hmu in DM
  4. wanpi

    50s in relax

    Pretty much already answered. I'm just curious how is a score without 50 hits suspicious? Unless you're really low ranked or your overall gameplay is bad, i don't see a reason why would you want to hit 50 on purpose. (talking about 4-6* maps with regular bpm and patterns)
  5. wanpi

    Fake a LivePlay

    Uh im not sure i understand, could you explain further?
  6. wanpi

    Fake a LivePlay

    The point is that i don't want to fake a liveplay because im decent even without any aqn "programs", i'm suspicious about a guy faking a liveplay thats why i asked about methods that could be done, more brains = more results
  7. wanpi

    Fake a LivePlay

    Its not so simple because if someone is actually suspicious about it he can just see and dig it that you are not clicking the way you are ingame (if someone is that bad)
  8. wanpi

    Fake a LivePlay

    So basically the title, i wonder if anyone wanted to fake a liveplay (lets say they can't click notes at all) what would be the best way of doing it? im really curious about that.
  9. wanpi


    If you're using windows 10, it sometimes locks dll files downloaded, just check the files " right click > properties > right bottom should be something like "unlock this file"" if this is the case, if not try disabling your firewall/windows defender too and see if it helps
  10. I just wonder, is it possible to turn a osu relax play into an AQN relax play using replay editor (without adding every single click manually) cuz relax doesnt work while replay editor is playing the replay, also F1>fix relax misses in replay editor is pretty weird since it fixes everything to 0 UR (which is pretty blatant on hard DT maps) so i would recommend everyone to fix manually (if anyone is doing that lol)
  11. Its obvious if u hit the burst / stream perfectly first try, if u play the map multiple times everything should be fine.
  12. I think ip shouldnt be a problem since you can have dynamic ip so you should be able to discuss that, anyway osu support is pretty much full of dumb people so i would use vpn to avoid further problems.
  13. From my personal experience and cases i've heard, once you get permanently restricted, every account you log into in osu with current ids will get restricted as well, you have to use dejavu (and vpn if u are insecure) and you should be good to go. Anyway hopefully someone will come up with better explanation i'm just a pleb.
  14. As people noted , silent or auto in general is incredibly blatant, just check your replay with long cursor trail and you will see why
  15. Well, yes. If you use dejavu+vpn you can try it for free how many times you want until you get it to work.
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