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  1. If I just use aim assist will I be banned? or is it the actual cheat that is detected? Anyone know?
  2. Hey guys! I was just hoping I could get a confirmation on whether this is detected or not. I see bruh saying it is but so far he is the only person I've seen say that. It would be nice if I could have another person confirm, thanks!
  3. Thank you sir <3, you are a gentleman and a scholar!
  4. Honestly it just depends on your rank and playtime if that looks legit or not, from my eyes, when I see this, I'm assuming you are maybe, 1000's possibly 100's rank, maybe, just maybe in the 10,000's and about 20,000 - 40,000 playcount, obviously level 100+ and maybe started 2+ years ago. You could always download that osu! program that tracks cursor movement and run your plays through that, I did that to a lot of my plays and it looks really legit it doesn't look like it over corrects or anything so the hack is great, just make sure your stats match, other than that, killer run lol Edit: It's not an official osu! program , but they use it on osu! reports on reddit and it really analyzes the plays really well. If you want the name let me know, I'm a little lazy right now hahaha
  5. BoltelinaLP


    What is WTS?
  6. This aim assist is absolutely amazing, no more shit misses means I'm a god, thank you so much for the updates and the hard work Aquila team!
  7. Hello! I was attempting to play some OSU! and I loaded up the loader, loaded up OSU!, and attempted the final load on the loader and it is stuck on loading, I have tried restarting and reinstalling but nothing seems to be working, I hope someone can help, thanks!
  8. Hello! I just bought enlighten, is the hack currently down? I can't seem to find a download link for the loader.
  9. So I just accidentally started the loader with Osu! open I didn't load the cheats but I just started it to the point where it says open osu and press start again, should I be worried? Or will it be okay?
  10. Thank you for the advice Senpai
  11. I put it on a flash drive then as soon as the loader is all loaded up I take the flash drive out. I'm pretty sure this is the prime way to do it.
  12. BoltelinaLP


    Hello, I just purchased some A coins in the store with bittys. How do I access them so I can buy osu! cheetos.
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