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  1. I haven't even shown up on osureport, feels bad
  2. Hey guys, so anyone has any experience with this kinda thing happening? It says usually lifted in 24 hours but shit.
  3. Thank you. I guess I'm freaking out too much over nothing. Do you guys in here have like a group in here, where you check each other's replays? Or does no one share your account? I just feel like it would be nice to have someone check them if you're in doubt but idk😄
  4. Does anyone know, if there is a way to see who has watched a replay of yours / what replay they watched? Because recently I've had 2 replays watched, and it's actually freaking me out. But I've checked r/osureport, and my name hasn't shown up there yet. I suppose that's where I'll show up if I'm about to get caught?
  5. xeniosgziad


    Hey! Does anyone know if it's possible, to hide your location from OSU. If so, can you set a new location so it thinks your in Korea etc? Also is it bannable?
  6. Hey, so when I launch the loader and try to log in it says "No active subs" What does this mean? I thought I needed to buy the relax hack again, but it said I only allowed to buy it once in the store? Can anyone help me with this please and thanks 😉
  7. Hey, thank you all for replying! I'm glad you've thought about this, it makes me feel safer using it. So far it's been running smoothly and without any problems for me. Also if you don't mind, I'd like an indebt explanation of the options and what they do exactly, if anyone can help me? Because in the tutorial, many of the "newer options" (i suppose they are?) Aren't explained. Thank you 🙂
  8. So I've learned that a lot of people has actually been banned (especially top people like Nara etc.) From perfect pixel presses does this hack have a counter for that? What I mean by perfect pixel press. I mean it clicks the note perfectly on the edge of the circle, on the first pixel. And apparently, that's a big giveaway of relax bot.
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