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  1. man i think you might be a little braindead, no one called aim assist on badgraph only replay editing also i'd like to note spare has a long history of cheating and getting banned
  2. Aria

    kinda cute ngl

  3. Aria

    not for sale

    Hey spastic you can find the account just off the pp amounts
  4. ok retard. https://theaquila.net/index.php?/topic/74-how-to-multi-account/
  5. dont be braindead this is a fucking scam also if you're gonna make an osu server please use ruri https://github.com/rumoi/ruri/
  6. Aria

    ur moother

  7. After gathering all the seven needed dragon balls for your desired wish. This will then give shenron the power to grant three wishes and remove your dragon balls.
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