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  1. people keep saying that he's reworking the cheat he's just trying to keep all info to himself idk
  2. So after it got "detected" (I haven't used it in a while but when I was using it, it wasn't detected so I really don't know what happened after that other than it got detected), I haven't seen rumoi say anything. He probably has, but I haven't seen anything. Could aqn end soon if he doesn't update anything? It's possible he's trying to update everything in the cheat in order for it to be undetected anymore but it feels like he's inactive now. Like I said maybe he has said something but I still haven't seen his messages but this seems weird
  3. that detection was for people who had menu sounds on, and not even all of them were restricted
  4. according to the game it's inconsistent and a new player can't do that
  5. broke ass bitch go use osu!rx and get banned if you want free shit
  6. cheat comes in a .exe file which injects into your osu. and for the aim assist value make it 0.50 if you don't wanna get caught.
  7. can I have enlighten instead of timewarp? thanks
  8. rumoi can do it for you edit: he already did
  9. this isn't csgo where you cheat on alts lol.. just don't play like a retard and you'll be safe
  10. 1.0 = low 2.0 = high 1.5 = between them
  11. this is gr8 but pls rumoi keep aim assist with all subs I don't wanna pay extra 😞
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