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  1. nigerianmale

    Sharing of cheats

    pretty sure that isn't allowed but idk ill just see what rumoi says
  2. nigerianmale

    Relax hack

    the hidden hack is on a hack called enlighten and it doesn't come with relax. and no you don't need a usb.
  3. nigerianmale

    Question about my osu! account

    if your new account has nothing to do with ur old one (like when it was registered) then I think ur fine
  4. nigerianmale

    relax requests (keybind and disable)

    indeed it is
  5. nigerianmale

    relax requests (keybind and disable)

    I’m 13 bruh xd
  6. nigerianmale

    relax requests (keybind and disable)

    help a nigga out give me some tokens bruh
  7. nigerianmale

    How long?

    Let’s say I make a fresh osu! multiaccount. How many days do I have to wait to do ~300 pp plays without getting AUTO restricted?
  8. nigerianmale

    relax suggestion

    silent aim is already blatant lol
  9. nigerianmale

    Is replay editor hard to use?

    the first time I used it was pretty complicated ngl but after that I got it down and now it's really easy
  10. nigerianmale

    not happy with englighten

    what's wrong with it
  11. I think he means can't submit scores probably?
  12. nigerianmale

    Relax hack questions

    Personally I leave it as is cuz I don't know what it does but you can ask @rumoi
  13. nigerianmale

    Couple questions before pucharse

    Are you sure he's using AQN's relax? Usually some other relax hacks have perfect pixel hits, which is when your cursor is on the very edge of the circle, it will still count as a 300, which is used in the relax MOD. AQN's relax does not do that, and it's actually REALLY legit.