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  1. this isn't csgo where you cheat on alts lol.. just don't play like a retard and you'll be safe
  2. 1.0 = low 2.0 = high 1.5 = between them
  3. rumoi pls ignore m3re he's out of his mind
  4. this is gr8 but pls rumoi keep aim assist with all subs I don't wanna pay extra 😞
  5. nigerianmale

    Silent Aim

    correction : if you are near the circle but not on it it will teleport your cursor to it (i think) silent : the cursor teleports to the circle on the exact beat for that frame
  6. idk but what i did is i did the same thing except i made a fresh account with a new email and it worked when i played like a noob and i let the account sit for 5 months instead of 3 days and it didnt work
  7. aim assist is in the "misc" tab, so basically you will have access to it no matter what subscription you purchase
  8. relax 1 month costs 1000 tokens
  9. ok this is actually amazing. great work dude
  10. I gave them 2 appeals and I'm not gonna lie the first was shite but the second one was so in depth and stuff and they still said it's not enough sorry fuck off
  11. it's so fucking hard to get accepted even if it's a good appeal
  12. well ive done it many times and it worked, but now i use a cheat which is always undetected
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