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  1. same problem again πŸ™‚
  2. MammothTooth


    Want to buy osu account at rank around 1k and lower, should have atleast 1 500+pp play, lots of hours, lvl 100+ no injection, no restrictions and should be inactive add me on discord or pm me here ゼロツ#0124
  3. how can i enable/disable with streamer mode on ? when i enable streamer mode it disables the function to open menu
  4. Wanted to ask if its possible to add and Enable/Disable button for Relax, for example people stream with this relax cheat, and sometimes people get jebaited with some pretty unbeatable maps for example streams wich are impossible to hit without relax and it wouldnt look too good if you hit all of these, but what i meant is if its possible that you can add that kind of hotkey function where you can setup your own key of liking, for example LALT to Enable it when playing a normal map and then inside of a map when the jebait comes you press LALT fast it disables relax without any notice like silently and when LALT hitted again it starts again ofc silently without any info
  5. i mean making the programm external or the menu as an overlay would fix the whole thing
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