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  1. according to the title , i sell 170pp and 50pp osu accounts freshly made (3 days old) if u wanna buy it contact me on discord ! AKUFAZAA#1136 u can also make an new osu account with custom flag , custom name with 50pp ! payment with PAYPAL CHEAP RATE
  2. add me on discord AKUFAZAA#1136 if u want osu account with custom flag u can contact me on discord i'll give u a free tips and tricks how to stay undetected in osu (i think its work) and i'll give u trick unlimited email (@gmail) while creating osu account
  3. add me on discord AKUFAZAA#1136 or u can comment ur discord name + ur discord tag , i'll add u as fast as i can if u want an osu account with the flag u want (custom flag with random hwid, mac address) u can dm me via the discord every purchase i will give u a tips how to not get restricted mode quickly (maybe)
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