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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Hello there; if i try to inject multiple cheats like: Relax and Enlighten or Mania and Taiko, the game just crashes. Are the cheats not compatible with each other? or is this an Error? Best regards Neon
  2. Can we bring back the Blatant modes that were removed in the previous update? I really loved having fun with those, Not just me, I'm sure some people are upset that they've gone as well 😞 (Cursor dance, Relax mode, Auto mode, Auto correction, ETC)
  3. can we have ability to alt-tab while using blatant relax? sometimes it's kinda boring to watch.
  4. Would it be possible to add differing URs for streams and jumps? That sounds rather unlikely to me, as it'd need to know something is a stream ahead of time. I feel that'd be much more legit looking though. I'm not sure about other players, but for me my manual streaming is always a far tighter UR than my jumps. Having the ability to do the equivalent (or opposite) with relax would be absolutely awesome and look much cleaner imo.
  5. What kind of configurations should I use on Osu! to not get banned while I'm on solo? (Master hack)
  6. Shoji

    Relax hack

    Is it possible to sort of customize the relax hack on how often the cheat makes 100's etc. or will it just be 300's always (if possible) ?
  7. Hi people, i'm new in this and i bought the relax hack and its work, very well... but i not wanna be banned for a bad configuration of the hack, can everybody comment tips for it? thanks
  8. What's the option "Mouse Offset Control" it's activated and it's only visible in the streamer mode for me, just curious what it actually is?
  9. a keybind that turns the relax hack on/off so i can do parts of the map by myself and other parts let the relax do.
  10. Rank: #7k STD Performace: 6k Years: 3 years Account cheating for relax For more information contact me!
  11. I was wondering if there was a possibility to let us rebind keys like hitting early or late in relax? so we could bind h and k or mouse 4 and 5 for example? also in earlier version you could make relax not click if it predicted you would not hit note, so you could 'give up' by moving cursor to corner of screen and it would not click it would be nice to have that back or to have a disable key so you can give up and not look suspicious at all or even switch between two profile settings because some maps have easy tapping parts but then comes a difficult slider spam part but your s
  12. Joshient


    Okay so when i use relax (Where it clicks for you) i get 100's and 50's when i am no where near the circle or sliders... How do i fix this? 2018-10-24 19-25-13_Trim.mp4
  13. So I've learned that a lot of people has actually been banned (especially top people like Nara etc.) From perfect pixel presses does this hack have a counter for that? What I mean by perfect pixel press. I mean it clicks the note perfectly on the edge of the circle, on the first pixel. And apparently, that's a big giveaway of relax bot.
  14. Is Relax able to added with more playstyles? Currently There is only 1 main one, and im sure if you mess with the settings you could get Alt. But are we also able to get things such as Mouse Only? And Tap X (M1+K2)?
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