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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. What kind of configurations should I use on Osu! to not get banned while I'm on solo? (Master hack)
  2. I have a lot of accounts that I cracked myself and they're in a range of 100-5k+ pp. Discord: Snowy#0002 Contact for more information and prices.
  3. looking for someone to build me a private server, already have vps (digitalocean) and am wondering if someone could do it to give me website and server etc. D I S C O R D : Jamie#9762 contact me on there if you want to do it 🙂
  4. Hi, I was recently restricted due to cheating. Is there any way to bypass restriction when making new accounts? Last time I tried to change HWID, MAC Address & IP but no avail. What's the best way to go about this?
  5. Rush130

    Relax hack

    Is it possible to sort of customize the relax hack on how often the cheat makes 100's etc. or will it just be 300's always (if possible) ?
  7. Hi people, i'm new in this and i bought the relax hack and its work, very well... but i not wanna be banned for a bad configuration of the hack, can everybody comment tips for it? thanks
  8. im asking this to the people that are kinda familiar with the anticheat or restriction stuff so I already got restricted once and I got and created an account from a different pc with different email and all of that and that is almost 1 month ago and already below 70k now my question is am I fine or if the support actually checks me out could I be flagged/restricted again? not sure what to think at this point
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