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Mania request

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intensively dropping acc/get 100s instead of pressing Lctrl/Ralt for long, because that would hits 300s/200s too and then 100s
it will make the score bar looks sus/fishy, people can easily figure it out if one's cheating when notice that score bar
so adding this feature seems like a good idea

pressing Lalt for intensively gets early hits, and Rctrl is for intensively gets late hits

i dont think if its really good idea, but im sure it will help to make the bot more legitimate and also cool

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On 12/27/2019 at 9:46 PM, Jakads said:

dont expect so much
Mania dont have much users, there is little chance for them to add those features .-.

random/mirror last day is merely miracle xd
current features are decent enough anyway

Decent enough if you don't care much about looking legit. There used to be an option to set random offset just like relax which would work the same way it does in that cheat. No idea why it was removed, now it's pretty much hold Lctrl/Ralt to look "less" sus but still pretty sus. Or to play the entire map like some living legend, minus the stream speed slider which actually *is* pretty useful. Only for jacks though..

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( in my personal opinion )
i'd better recommending timewarp instead of this one
its quite hard to use with current feature, especially for LN maps
and most likely 2 digit iq on osureport could easy tell if one's cheating

Basically this here, unfortunately 😞

Rework when

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