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Aquila Aim Assistance Release

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On 3/7/2020 at 2:09 AM, rumoi said:

Let me preface by saying this aim assist will not give miracles. If you horribly miss read to the point where you are on the other side of the playfield it wont even attempt to help. Think of it more as a consistency booster.

EDIT: Some people are confused. The cheat is under the 'Miscellaneous' option not relax. So currently it comes with any active sub.

It works for mouse, tablet and touch screen.


The key principle behind it is to offer boosted aim skill/consistency while not inhibiting or working against the user. You should not even really be able to notice it in effect other than the fact you are hitting things easier than without. There is nothing more annoying than fighting against something that is intended to help you.

Once again let me stress that this will not be on the level of blatancy - This teeters on the limit of what can be done in a live environment without having edge cases. It's great for reducing shit misses but if you want to fix an abhorrent miss then the replay editor is for you.


This is the first public release of this feature so if anyone wants to provide feedback this is the best time :)


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