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Relax Singletap

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As for now selecting play style K1 and putting any alternate bpm from 1 to 315 doesnt singletap like a singletap player does , it always alternate on some sliders and its making it so obvious since i never alternate except for triple / streams , i'm singletapping jumps up to 250 bpm aswell and i dont see any option to reproduce this (Like inai sekai from Lasse (250) or Yuudachi no Ribon by Milan- (230)) it could be nice if we can just select a singletap playstyle that will singletap everything except streams / high bpm & density bursts

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The alternate bpm over ride does not go over the max bpm stream.

If you want it to single tap more increase your max bpm stream ( but please do not put it ridiculously high like 315). After that if you should not have to even enable alternation over ride as it defaults to a single tap play style. Putting it to 315 alternation overide might make it so it will only single tap when the other key is already pressed but I do not know off by heart.

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