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Selling inactive std osu accounts at any rank, DM ME ON DISCORD FOR CUSTOM RANK/FLAG/

Selling inactive std osu accounts for a cheap/affordable price all accounts are already verified, including email and password to change it to yours. An example after purchasing will look like this:


User = catboy186:e****ol***5* | Rank = 1303697 | Email = c***@gmail.com | IP = | Creation = 29-March-2015 | 

The login to the email is the same as the osu password, you can then change it to yours. 

For purchases over $20 i will include a 48hrs warrantly, if anything happens to the account i can replace it with another. (This does not include bans on your fault if your account was ban for your reason i will not replace the account or any reason thats on you) 

I will show you 100% percent on how to keep the account without the owner finding out. (Any questions please feel free to message me on discord

Discord: camellia#8636


1. I accept middleman, playerup, aquila, etc, dm me on discord if u want to set one up. (Not accepting a random middleman)

2. I have the right to not sell to anyone if i find annoying/disrespecting/sketchy/time wasting.

3.  Leave feedback/vouches for a free account ❤️



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On 10/15/2020 at 1:26 AM, Gex1e said:

99.99% this is Milan who scams people.
Dont buy lol.
He told me when he tried scamming me.
he uses the same shitty english.


**he uses the same shitty english.**


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