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My overall settings

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Idk if this forum is the right place to post this but ye.

I'm a 3 digit player, not that high, and I'll tell you how I use AQN's cheats and set scores with it.

I've been cheating for almost 2 years already and NEVER got banned.

For AQN's relax

Unstable Rate:

  • when playing with HR -> 7~8 so I can get around 75~85UR. I set 9~10 when playing maps that are harder for me or stream maps.
  • when playing with NOMOD -> 8~10 so I can get around 75~95UR, if jump maps I use 8, if harder maps I set 9~10
  • when playing with DT I usually use same values as nomod cuz those values scale with DT, so I get around 100~140UR

Alternation Overide: ON

  • The only thing I don't like about AQN's new relax is the fact that I can't singletap EVERY slider whatever BPM it is, so I was kinda forced to use this feature. I use that on 120 but it's preference, set that value to whatever you like.

Direction Prediction: ON

  • I don't really know what does this feature does but it makes the relax more legit in my opinion. I use that on default because once again I don't really know what does this do. @rumoi or kev might be able to help us out with this one.

Press style:

  • Just use whatever you like.


  • lol

For AQN's Timewarp

  • NOMOD and HR -> When playing with nomod I usually set Play Speed between 92~96 depending on how hard the map is to me.
  • DOUBLETIME -> When playing with Doubletime I set Play Speed between 135~145, The higher the BPM the lower the play speed for me. 

Don't use really low values with timewarp because if you do your movement will be really blatant, instead you could use the values above and then edit your play with our Replay Editor.  

For AQN's Enlighten

I always use Enlighten, for nomod/HR I use 10+ AR and for DT I use 9+ AR but you use whatever values you want.

How I set my scores.

I usually set scores on maps that a lot of players already FC'd or have good plays on it. I have some #1 scores but they are nothing special for the rank I am right now.

I have a really high playcount and lots of hours of play time, this is really needed so people won't really care about you.

I don't really know how to explain how to not be blatant, just don't get too greedy, go slowly. As you can see, I've been cheating for almost 2 years and never got anyone suspecting about me and my scores.


If you have any question just go for it and I'll try to help you, I might not me that useful tho :^)


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"The only thing I don't about AQN's..."
you meaned "The only thing I don't like about AQN's..." ?

btw i agree with everythings and my settings are basically the sames
but i use 10-13 for nomods for streams maps , it looks more legit for me

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Nice dude! I'm using similar settings.

UD since 2014 😉

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