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https://sentos.xyz WTS highest quality osu! boosting | per play/rank boosting up to 14k pp | discord server below

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I can provide boosting services for osu! on any server (bancho, ripple, akatsuki etc) up to 14k pp

(no cheats are used to set the scores)


- I can fc your choked top plays
- I Will take map/mods request (e.g: padoru, top diff +HD).
- Safe spoofing method, your account will not be at risk (you won't we restricted after the boost).
- VPN to your country/specified location (it will appear as if I'm playing from your country to your friends).

The price will vary depending on the kind of plays you want me to set or what pp amount you want me to reach (example: 6300pp).

per pp milestone:

from 0 to 3,000PP (160k-ish rank) - 5$
from 0 to 4,000PP (100k-ish rank) - 15$
from 0 to 5,000PP (50k-ish rank) - 30$
from 0 to 6,000PP (25k-ish rank) - 55$
from 0 to 7,000PP (14k-ish rank) - 70$ 
from 0 to 8,000PP (6k-ish rank) - 90$
from 0 to 9,000PP (3.5k-ish rank) - 150$
from 0 to 10,000PP (1.7k-ish rank) 180$
from 0 to 11,000PP (950-ish rank) 225$
from 0 to 12,000PP (500-ish rank) 300$
custom request? dm.

per play:
100pp - 1$ (multiple required when purchasing)
200 - 3$
300pp - 5$
400pp - 10$
500pp - 20$
600pp - 35$
700pp - 45$

Discord: sentinelos

album with countless screenshots

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