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WTS high quality liveplay service | OBS/Rohulk liveplays | Sentinel#7398

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osu! liveplay services

- I can liveplay specific maps/your top plays (depending on your playstyle and the map)
- I Will take map/mods request (e.g: padoru, top diff +HD).
- I can play it on Mcosu & the normal osu! client (Guest username or yours).
- I can (attempt) to use your skin in the liveplay!


The price will vary depending on the kind of liveplay you want me to make or how hard the map is.
(a 500pp liveplay is more expensive than a 300pp liveplay)

circa liveplay price per pp:

100pp - 5$
200pp - 10$
300pp - 20$
400pp - 35$
500pp - 50$

rohulk-style liveplay will double the price.
custom request? dm me.

best performance will be on DT farm maps or mainly jump oriented maps

All these scores will be set legit and no cheats will be used.



Payment Methods: BTC & Paypal

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