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Program Changelogs

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We're going to have a temporary changelog placement here that rumoi and I will both edit as we make changes.


Replay Editor
[13/8/18] Left clicking while in nudgemode over the note now confirms the nudge.
[13/8/18] Nudge mode now highlights the note with purple if it will hit (you can check the acc with the bottom bar still)
[13/8/18] Added hard rock toggle
[13/8/18] Added mouse button support
[15/8/18] Fixed rare crash issue in the acc fixer
[15/8/18] QWERTZ and AZERTY support
[15/8/18] Screen selector re implemented
[15/8/18] Fixed graphical bug on first HR toggle

[13/8/18] Added legacy mode to the AR and HD options ( non stream safe version )


[13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment
[13/8/18] Forced presses were not working, this has been fixed and a couple checks were put in place.
[13/8/18] Fixed small bug where it would ignore the users option to disable it

[15/8/18] Silent aim now works better on sliders.

[23/8/18] Added BPM alternating options to allow users to customize how it will alternate.

[28/8/18] Tweaked some slider calculations.


[13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment

[13/8/18] Fixed Unstable Range being froze to 12


[13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment

[13/8/18] Added mouse control support to the menu

[14/8/18] Opening osu after clicking load in the launcher now correctly loads.

[15/8/18] Menu does not disappear while osu is not the focus anymore.

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Been a while since this was updated but I will say a very general sum of things that have been added.

Replay Editor

Current acc is now shown inside the acc fixer - forgot to add it before.

Added beta menu that will be used to not use the disgusting winapi file selector in the future.


Added a mode which makes people spectating you not buffer.


Menu on all programs has been updated to a better integrated one.

Free supporter for all programs.

Added ability to skin the menu-osu logo.

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