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  3. Hi Sadly no, you have to buy a hack to use dejavu. If your a STD only player buy either replay editor/enlightment there the most famous for those players and just use the dejavu. Keep them disabled if you dont use them 😮 there are quite some people who just want to use dejavu only. Yes, Dejavu has an autoload function (have never used it before, because i just rather enable it manually you can have up to 51 dejavu slots(51 accounts)). Umm yes and no kinda iffy here, but From what I have gathered around and try myself, If your logged in on an account on osu with your dejavu/vpn and your logged in on the website with a different account (restricted or not) it wont cause both to get banned, butttttt this doesn't mean you have to do it. You never know if they might change there system one way or the other. But I think in this situation its better if you just use google chrome or any browser and use Incognito mode so it doesn't keep anything behind on your comp. *microsoft edge Ik yuck has an option to auto clear upon closing browser* but you dont need to do this. most people just log in on the website with multiple accounts. Nope, like I said alot of people use this website just for the dejavu to evade/multi-account/have fun I would say no, but >-> on some laptop ive manage to make an account and play but that was long time ago (atleast 5 years ago) and if they prob check they would find it. But I would highly advise not to try it, you don't wanna ruïn your appeal chance. Don't quote me, but most likely hard drive only >x>
  4. is there a way to buy dejavu without buying any hacks? is there some respected and well known hwid changer besides dejavu? i read that i need to use dejavu everytime i play on account, is there any way to get dejavu work everytime? if i change hwid not by using dejavu do i need to do something everytime before i open game? does osu! web page has access to your data, does it knows your ip or hwid? are there players who were banned because of aqn running in background when hacks off? does osu "forget" your ip or hwid if you don't play or log in for too long? Is it only a hard drive problem, or motherboard too? i have many more questions, if you can, please answer them
  5. Even if you disconnect your internet cheat engine timewarp is still detected.
  6. Playing with fire using cheat engine tho :×
  7. Yes you will be restricted even if you use vpn. You need to change your hwid or use dejavu here. And you have more attention to your unbanned account suppose, but there are few users who get unbanned and still cheat on there unbanned account and havnt been caught.
  8. so, i am currently unrestricted after my first ban for multiaccounting but i am thinking about creating another account and quitting my first one question: if i will create account using only vpn will this make me restricted? am i constantly hwid checked, do i need to change it even though i'm unrestricted? is there more attention to your account if you were previously banned? please help
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  10. I do not have the AQN programs yet, I'm waiting for the life time package so at the mean time I'm stuck with using just cheat engine
  11. using CheatEngine for TimeWarp OmegaLUL
  12. AQN Time warp is not detected Other programs than AQN Time warp, buffering is a problem, do not connect Lan, play it, and then reconnect the LAN from the result window.
  13. 1) idk what is timewarp. 2) I dont believe it would work. but meh. if u want a time warp play. u can try on a private server first
  14. kol9988

    streamer mod

    Keyboard HOME KEY
  15. Last week
  16. Derzkiy

    streamer mod

    how off streamer mod? disappeared menu top right I do not know how to turn it back on
  17. Card

    WTB 3,5-5k pp

    legit pc, high enough, Country US. Purchase for 15-35$ depending on the account. Discord: Dk#0366
  18. reg date doesn't matter, pc doesn't matter, country germany, poland, luxembourg, france or tell me and I'll decide Discord: lavasioth#4613
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