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  1. Yesterday
  2. I miss AQN ;(

  3. Hey guys, I wanna sell my osu! account because I tired to playing this game My account is 5.2k-5.5k PP and it have more than 25k+ play count Account country: Russia Email included! My price is $30 USD (or 2200 RUB) but we can discuss it Contact email: 228vodkacoi@mail.ru I accept BTC/Yandex/Sberbank/QIWI Для русских: Мне надоело в осу играть, хочу вот продать свой акк (вместе с почтой, почта перевязанная, пустая, только с осу) На аккаунте 5200-5500 пп (мне сказали точное колво не говорить, а то вычислят) и больше 25к плейкаунта Хочу за данный акк 2200 рублей (30 баксов), если вам конкретно надо, могу чутка скинуть Принимаю киви/яд/сбер/биток Мыло для связи - 228vodkacoi@mail.ru
  4. Last week
  5. its not going to happen rumoi is quitw
  6. VPN is required and hwid etc change aswell. 1K pp isnt worth 20$ more like 5$.
  7. 1k pp / $2.6 2k pp / $3.5 3k pp / $5 any country (will need ip for vpn and hwid) - lower chance of ban no scores will be cheated dm discord or comment innit#9897
  8. oh and forgot to say comes with original ip it was registered on
  9. userpage is https://osu.ppy.sh/users/18603799 3 letter name registered 21/09/2020 0 playcount 0 hours / minutes played perfect fresh account with a decent name comes with hwid mac address uninstallID original email and password offers comment or add my discord innit#9897 gonna be pretty cheap cause its a brand new acc meant for multi accounting
  10. buying either a usa or canada account pm me through site or on discord hhhhhhh#0914
  11. would like to see this
  12. i full alternate when i play so its more fluff but i'd like to see it
  13. Only way to Multi without a restriction; - New Motherboard - Private Cheat with spoofer - HWID Spoof - Switch from Sata windows drive to nvme and reinstall windows - Dont be retarded and go over 40PP etc
  14. Bro if you think its undetected just go use and get banned like the clown you are.
  15. If I just use aim assist will I be banned? or is it the actual cheat that is detected? Anyone know?
  16. osu cheater and multiaccounter

  17. i get your point if the intrest is in bancho so it probs not the greatest idea to buy it rn
  18. No dude. There are free aqn cracks out there. The only reason people don’t use them on Bancho is because “it’s not up to pace with detections.” Since this shit is detected rn there’s literally no reason to buy it.
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