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  2. If you don’t use the streamer mode menu there’s (or at least was) an option to either submit the score or stop it from submitting after every play. It crashed a lot of people so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed.
  3. You know what, i suggest to add an option to disable aim assistance on sliders cuz cursor path on sliders is a little fishy like how i noticed. Also it draws some sort of pentagons on stacks.
  4. Aria

    kinda cute ngl

  5. Hi, I dug through the forum a little and can't find an answer to this question; sorry for wasting your time if this has been covered somewhere. There's an option in the replay editor to filter score submission always: is there a hotkey to submit a score without editing?
  6. What names do you have?
  7. id: Lebes click id: Durzi click id: Direr click
  8. First you buy some 'aquila tokens' then after that goes through you buy any subscription with the tokens. Aim assist comes free under the misc option which is the grey gear icon.
  9. Last week
  10. how im supposed to buy it? can anyone make quick tutorial?
  11. Depends on how I'm feeling lol. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But since it's an RX server I'm playing on not many people really care to accuse of cheats considering it's sort of hard to tell when using built in RX lol.
  12. streaming while injected is very brave, i respect that. there are too many checks right now to see if somebody has injected aqn, i wouldn't risk that
  13. Usually between .2 and .5ish depending on if I'm streaming or not. I mostly keep it low though because of how it looks on spaced streams to me. And no, I don't use anything else. But I play on Akatsuki!RX so I don't need relax or anything. Just a bit of aim assistance.
  14. How do I pull the overlay back up after enabling? NVM, I got it. Po1 + arrow keys to navigate
  15. thank you! On which setting do you have aim assist? I use it on 0.5 to 1, and did you enable anything else?
  16. Inject any of the cheats and then look in the Misc section to find it.
  17. Am I blind? where is the aim assist listed to download/buy?
  18. feetxo

    OG SoundCloud

    SoundCloud.com/angreifer comes with oge
  19. Verstehen#1909, hmu if you've got smth.
  20. its useful tho playing maps without sliderbreak at all is kinda sus actually i can made sliderbreak just by pausing during pressing long notes anyway talking about long notes suggestion implement "unstable rate" that applied for long notes only would be cool idea, most of players were inconsistent when pressing and release long notes using 13 unstable rate looks like too inconsistent for normal pattern, but fine for long notes so would be better to implement one more unstable rate that applied for long notes only
  21. Seems like this account has only 270 hours and a playcount of 17000. That's very suspicious.
  22. Aye Rumoi, have an option to toggle the cool down, but auto turn it on if auto submit is on. I wanna build that time quick.
  23. I've been playing another mania-like game that doesn't require letting go of long notes at the end which was pretty nice. I think it would be cool to see how well that would work in osu!mania.
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