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  2. 1750 PP France XDDDD: Price: 10 USD Payment method: BTC Discord: Keijia#3254 Telegram: http://t.me/maximbogdan Price: to be discussed (i believe for 5$)
  3. Add my discord Yeezus#0482 I want to see what you did so that I can fix my problem.
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  5. may have been me saying that a few days ago, I was wrong, literally after making my post 10 minutes later I excluded the entire folder the launcher and .dll were in on windows defender and it worked just fine.
  6. Hey guys can you stop selling stolen accs. or when I actually play on an acc you guys just steal it back ive spent 300+ on accs kys pls:D you make an email similar to the account name so its like a personal acc hihi xd kys pls how desperate r u guys for money. found out my multi acc is disabled 6x from sellers stealing it back lul (unlucky)
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  8. exas


    Hello, check your Dm !
  9. if not 2k pp acc then 1k pp minimum
  10. No it was a person talking about the same problem from two days ago.
  11. I literally told you it was different. But hey what do I know!
  12. hhhhh literally every virus protection option on my PC is off/antivirus but ok buddy. Also I saw another person talking about the same problem hhhhh.
  13. I only used enlighten in tournament before and probably only one that I consider safe for it, you could do replay editor but not an std player.... so idk how blatant they can look with staffs watching etc. Timewarp is verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy iffffffffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even if its 1-10% :x your gonna have to hope they believe you have internet delay and such.
  14. nigerianmale

    Silent Aim

    correction : if you are near the circle but not on it it will teleport your cursor to it (i think) silent : the cursor teleports to the circle on the exact beat for that frame
  15. Brother. Can you please stop being retarded? I have told you for 3 days now that is not it. Fix your firewall. Quite interesting that the 'ports are down' when literally everyone else in the entire universe can load. It's interesting that the server is down... but it's only localized exactly to when you want to login.. oh wait maybe it is just you! Impossible can't be.
  16. geass

    Silent Aim

    Why would you use that? Is Silent aim and correction the same?
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  18. Pp: 369 Pc: 1.4k (25 hours) [1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute (lol)] Top: #777k Reg: 2016y Flag: France With first mail Discord: Keijia#3254 Telegram: http://t.me/maximbogdan Price: to be discussed (i believe for 5$) BTC/Visa card (I don't have paypal)
  19. Im stuck on "Loading..." for the past 3 days but I think the ports are closed.
  20. i have 272 pp in ctb 2013y acc DE if you need xd
  21. 31 pc ahaha price: 0 lul discord: keijia#3254 telegram: t.me/maximbogdan
  22. Free (4 years inactive, 18 hours in game) discord: keijia#3254 telegram: t.me/maximbogdan
  23. absolutely clean account with mail discord: keijia#3254 telegram: t.me/maximbogdan
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