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  1. Today
  2. Icelandic

    How to multi-account

    dont be dumb
  3. Yesterday
  4. Klirikzzz

    WTB Taiko Account

    Maybe at least 2-3 years old, that's all.
  5. Enlighten AR changes are only working in streamer mode for me, whats wrong?

  6. Last week
  7. minecraft1337


    i get restricted 2 days ago, fuck thisXD
  8. Klirikzzz

    free week (my opinion)

    I mean yeah you should buy it.
  9. Brandon


    There is always a chance of getting restricted again if you're a multi account/cheating, but as long as you're smart about it and play things safely then you'll be fine.
  10. Akkord

    maximum stream bpm

    Well it's not "exact". If you for example play a 200bpm stream map and you have max stream bpm at 195 chances are that you will SS all streams any ways, just try putting it even lower and see how that goes.
  11. pm02400138188

    maximum stream bpm

    I have the maximum stream BPM set to 200 or so. Even so, the relax cheat will hit higher bpm streams perfectly (within the unstable range) unless I miss-aim. Am I misunderstanding the cheat, is something wrong on my end, or is something else wrong? I can upload an example if need be.
  12. nyx1

    Can't load programs

    Found the issue. Regardless of disaling my AV, it automatically quarantined the files included in /local/ for Timewarp to work. Fixed now. 🙂
  13. nyx1

    Can't load programs

    Both haven't worked for me, regardless what I do timewarp doesn't come up on the menu, only Enlighten.
  14. Cool hi why you looking here, hm?

  15. Snow_Wind

    Fake a LivePlay

    Yes and we're all here for educational purposes teehee ecksdee
  16. Klirikzzz

    Fake a LivePlay

    Aight tbh we all know you're cheating (500 tokens okok). If you want to fake a liveplay, you can do so by 1 ) Enabling bongo cat (key presses won't register). 2 ) Changing AR on certain maps and use the replay editor to replay the "legit" play (you record yourself clicking k1 and k2 during the AR/unmod part), and then you cover up your screen (if needed) with the recording of the replay doing its thing. 3 ) Relaxing a play and actually take the time to learn when you click k1 and k2. 4 ) Using the replay editor and add in clicks/change clicks to match your keyboardcam. 5 ) Speeding up a timewarped play and your keyboard cam. 6 ) Getting someone else to do it for you. 7 ) Making your keyboard cam really, really laggy to the point where your fingers are just a blurry mess. 8 ) Practicing a map 9 ) Playing a map and fixing everything with replay editor (pretty basic) 10 ) Play legit cause you'll most likely fuck up.
  17. lain

    No spectator buffer confusion

    I think this is how it works... When you see just gray thing without green thing going then it's not displaying for people, when you see the green part of the bar then it's showing to the spectators.
  18. So the timewarp before the recent update the timewarp had a timer counting down for the No Spectator Buffer and it would send the informatioon to the spectators like for example a short DT map there would be a 30sec count down or for a longer map a 100sec count down so with the new update it just has an indictor in the top left of the screen to replace that timer i guess but i dont really get how it works, like if i enable timewarp and put it too 0.5 or something and load a map sometimes the indicator loads instantly then disappears and at other times it loads slowly until the map is over then it finishes loading and disappears so its confusing to know when its sending the information to the spectators, i personally liked the old timer ;/
  19. lain

    WTS around 100k

  20. rumoi

    Can't load programs

    Did you restart your osu? If that fails try doing a quick pc restart.
  21. nyx1

    Can't load programs

    Yeah, I still have this issue with Timewarp though. Only Enlighten works for me. (Or actually injects)
  22. kiro

    70k osu account lvl 85

    add me on discord kiro#0001
  23. minecraft1337


    hey, i made new account using this guide https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1145083 can i get restricted again if i have this account since 4 months and nothing happends? i only login in google chrome without intognito to my old account.
  24. wanpi

    Fake a LivePlay

    Uh im not sure i understand, could you explain further?
  25. Sky

    Can't load programs

    Yep, it also works for me now. I'm not sure what was causing that issue last night since I had restarted osu and my pc. Thanks for the fix.
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