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  2. Oskar

    Relax hack

    Additionally, you are also able to change the UR of the cheat. In order to get your final unstable rate simply multiply the set value by ten. So, for example if you have an UR of 13 set in the cheat, then you will hit some 100s (depending on the OD of the map), and get a final unstable rate of approximately 130.
  3. You cannot play with Flashlight while having Legacy mode enabled. However, you can disable the Legacy mode and customize the skin overlay that is automatically activated when playing with Flashlight and Enlighten. The reason for that is that the skin cannot be seen during streams, because it serves as an overlay. The green dot that indicates the location of the proximate circle is not detected. You will be fine using it.
  4. Yesterday
  5. i added you on discord, i am interesting in buying an osu account,

    my discord is James Exclusive#6969

  6. ame? Im sorry but I cant find a legacy mode for the ui, only the AR and HD legacy
  7. How can I use flashlight hack without the ui? And that green dot. Has it detected or easily detectable?
  8. rumoi

    Relax hack

    You can press ctrl to press earlier and alt to press later. This can make you hit 100's.
  9. Last week
  10. I bought Dejavu and i don't have any download link for it

  11. Rush130

    Relax hack

    Is it possible to sort of customize the relax hack on how often the cheat makes 100's etc. or will it just be 300's always (if possible) ?
  12. as long as you are legit, should be fine
  13. Howling

    wts accounts

    added u my discord is Edword Sapsuck#5997
  14. Hey guys! I'm new here but I'm interested in buying an account that's 15k or lower. I'd prefer if it's 6,000PP+ with high plays so I can set high scores myself! I will pay whatever price you ask. My discord is: golde#0546
  15. I created my account 3 years ago but never played on it, started using it recently while cheating and everyone thinks im smurfing (might have to do cuz my aim is good but I dont really know). Also i gained 3k PP in 4 days and nobody has noticed so far 🙂
  16. When do you expect the next ban wave to happen? Also does the loader auto update and protect you in case of detection?

  17. Looking for 2 years old or older, JP flag account Stats such as playcount or playtime are not required, but will be paid for if they're high (I'm only interested in Standard), also paying if it's even older I'd like to go $10 USD for near 0 playcount and playtime, 2 years old, negotiable if you got a pretty or neutral nickname~ For higher pp, playcount and playtime, or older account, I'd rather not go over $25 USD, unless it's quite good such as low 4 digit ranked, for which i can do more Discord is 레이무#5426
  18. What flag does it have? I can only do certain countries due to vpn availability
  19. *STD lv 56, 2d 21h 7m playtime, 5.901 playcount, 0pp(You have to upload a score to update it, but I dont wanna play so you could use it easily) *CTB lv 96, 4d 12h 0m, 9.931 playcount, 2.103PP #4.802* Discord: Yoruh#0349 (Bee movie pic)
  20. Is there a way to not use the UI for flashlight, and that green dot?. I don't stream on twitch so I don't need it, I also have trouble reading that UI skin.
  21. Not sure I can believe the part about false restriction because some of my friends have been falsely restricted and it has been solved in less than 24 hours every time.
  22. I got false restricted a while back on bancho, it takes over 6 months to fix it even if you aren't at fault. Not only that but they take forever to respond to your appeal along with often times rejecting your appeal for no apparent reason. So it's very hard to unrestricted yes.
  23. lewdbot

    wts accounts

    i'm interested in #13 - JP, 2 years old + dejavu profile i tried messaging and adding you on discord mine is 레이무#5426
  24. Earlier
  25. It does probably go easier if you are sincere and not downplaying it. If you are going to cheat anyway it is easier to multiaccount. but you lose all credibility on your main if they find out and then it is rip appeal for a long time. if you want play legit just appeal and be sincere, if you get denied follow what they say and appeal maybe 3 months later at least.
  26. searching for european account please add me Discord: Edword Sapsuck#5997
  27. still looking for one
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