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  2. Looking someone who can help me setup either ainu, iteki or akatsuki for experimenting. Im too retarded to configurate it proparly so if someone could help would be pog Sentinel#7398
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  4. lyhiujk,m rgevasliewuhfgliukjhgbresoiu;hgvrfs

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  6. ^^ thanks for advertising my thread. appreciate it 🙂
  7. had interest around 75-80, still want 100 gbp
  8. I have a 5digit acc for sale, decent playtime for 20€ on steam, sixsixsix#8785.
  9. Selling osu acc, 5 digit made in 2019, 23.5k playcount, bunch of 200-220pp plays. Want for it 20€ on steam. Hit my discord so we can talk about it sixsixsix#8785.
  10. Hello, hit my discord up i have a good offer for you, 5 digit acc. sixsixsix#8785
  11. дай с мастером поиграть бомжара


  12. Flag: UK Unbanned account, been unbanned for a few months Top play is in the 500s and no plays are cheated PP is between 8 and 8.5kpp dm me on discord for offers: lor#7250
  13. drop your discord and offers.
  14. I no longer play the game, sorry for inconvenience. Buy from this guy
  15. He’s dead so buy from this guy https://theaquila.net/index.php?/topic/2240-boosting-your-osu-account-safely/
  16. hey there, the discord thats given isn't working.
  17. did you use the aquila taiko one
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