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  3. maybe my account is too new or not paid so i cant see the thread on how it works but i just want to know what it does, a little more specific than just it lets you multi
  4. Last week
  5. im pathetic and started cheating at low 5 digit skill (well within the 100k range today) instead of at least trying to get good and learned nothing for over a year

    1. cutie


      at least my relax using phase ended pretty quick

  6. there are free cheats that do the exact same thing that arent detected
  7. almost as angry as takeshi when his cheat got cracked by press ctrl shift i
  8. not that i know of
  9. good cheat

  10. detected on bancho not private servers
  11. I'm going to start offering account boosting services and also selling replays to people. I am a somewhat high ranked osu! player (~#400), never been restricted and I'm somewhat known. I'm willing to boost anyone on any server (Bancho, private servers etc.) to pretty much any rank you possibly want (within my skill range, I have a few 700pp plays) on a given server for a relatively cheap price. Price will have to be discussed depending on rank and server however generally I will give pretty cheap prices. For those who dislike boosting, I'm also offering to sell replays. You give me a
  12. Earlier
  13. Wanted to use enlightened (AR hack) on akatsuki and wondered if it could be instantly detected like on bancho or not.
  14. Are there any Overall Difficulty hacks available?

  16. you realize that kat banned the people to do with dropout for a reason right considering they were friends with the people who leaked and dont forget when you banned justwantedtobegood cus hes a "troll" ur literally retarded lmao the only thing you can say is didnt ask ur a literal oven man
  17. didnt ask, go back and continue your anal play with baby kat, we are "malding" yet he bans random people just because they had something with dropout. Ya'll a bunch of babies. #mapleontop
  18. i dont bite and will be friends with about anyone

  19. who wanna be my friend

  20. yeah bro you must be a handsome ass nigga cus u love staring in the mirror dont you retard really gotta thank @osuenigmafor this one finally got my fuyu ni saku hana fc with hddt
  21. why discord account deletion gotta take 2 weeks

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