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    Mania request

    its decent enough if you play only 1-4 stars and doing acc on those maps and yes its only looks legit on jacks/dense pattern lol by setting bpm to 160 or less, its also looks legit if u guys put dt cuz the note goes dense i only play less than 5 stars nowadays and this bot would be very sus if one's play LN maps with OD 0 always SS, pressing ctrl/alt would gives effect but its will be looks sus as well, and max bpm goes useless (you can understand it if u tried it) better avoid those kind of maps lmao so this feature request is very useful at least for me but i doubt they will work on it considering mania users arent much as you can see ( in my personal opinion ) i'd better recommending timewarp instead of this one its quite hard to use with current feature, especially for LN maps and most likely 2 digit iq on osureport could easy tell if one's cheating
  4. Decent enough if you don't care much about looking legit. There used to be an option to set random offset just like relax which would work the same way it does in that cheat. No idea why it was removed, now it's pretty much hold Lctrl/Ralt to look "less" sus but still pretty sus. Or to play the entire map like some living legend, minus the stream speed slider which actually *is* pretty useful. Only for jacks though..
  5. bump Edit: price increased
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  7. looking for account located in germany, paypal only 20€ preferred, can go up to 30. my discord is: Lucky | Qrow#1909
  8. Since I always aim early (much more earlier than when relax clicks), I want there to be an "click offset" option, where I can choose it always clicks up to 15ms earlier or later than it should be, like the osu's relax (whcih always click slightly earlier than the perfect timing)
  9. Selling my 3 digit osu!std account as I am quitting. 45 dollars Kruger#6875 disc
  10. Hey can you add me on discord A3therial#4643 I cant find your discord apparently ty
  11. Yo thats pretty chill that you got over you PP farming mindset, playing for fun actually improves you in a none tilting way. Keep on the farm grind 😛 Hopefully one day you will get rid of the reset button spamm on 1 miss lol.
  12. some of the info in the title is incorrect so no one finds the acct comes with email (oge) and yt channel with liveplays and other cool stuff $35.00 paypal giftcards or trading (skins or accts)
  13. lol?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  14. Kruger#6875 on discord, feel free to add. 150 dollars
  15. Anyone Chinese here?
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