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  2. Discord: enjoi#6969 i have vouches
  3. https://imgur.com/a/X6PCyMb want to trade a account with 3000 - 4000pp (at least one year old account and have atleast 15k play count) with these skins) aply#9650 EMAIL
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, Would like to get a 4-6 digit with good playtime (+=7 days), with a good playcount for it to look legit. Of course, I'll pay more the higher the rank, the higher the playtime, and the more legitimate the acc looks. I might pay more if the acc is made in NA as well. (I prefer to have NA accs) I will pay max 45$ for a very good acc. Paypal F&F Comment discord below if you have and I'll add. Ty
  6. Insanely rare name - someone wanted to buy it for 200 eur in the past but they wouldn't transfer the name over to his account so he bailed. 23k Play count level 99 top play is 270pp + uk account 5 year old in about a month top plays are DT, Hidden, No mod, and HR so you can play whatever only reason im selling is because i dont really play atm but im not going below 150 eur dont really need less than that johnlennon#5210 not scamming just want drug money can middlemane or wahtever is available will also give out my main socials so you can ruin me if i scam (not an incel so it actually matters) EMAIL
  7. You will have to renew it yourself (manually), when you buy a hack/script/bot/editor go to store> manage purchases and you will see when it will expire and/or the renew button.
  8. Just wanted to ask whether any hacks that are bought are auto renewed or if they have to be bought again manually
  9. Looking to buy any 5/6 digit account (pls 110k and above). I have a budget of $12 rn If you can sell me one for a max of $12 comment ur discord and ill add you. ty
  10. is it Mixed berris or Mixed berries πŸ˜‰ the one million dollar question Lol
  11. just bought acc from this guy about a while ago,
    reasonable price, and he pay a fees too.
    very smoothly and fast.

  12. no, its not possible also, if u want request it to rumo, forget it then.
  13. is there any en/disable toggle in game? i guess that function will be really nice <3 i'm playing mania, and it gonna be really helpful if i can on or off while smash notes could you consider to add that function if there isn't? or there is any problem or sth in that?
  14. Message my discord for more info πŸ™‚ Mixed berries#6189
  15. Yo, Im afraid to answer you this question normally speaking, No you should be fine but I don't wanna risk your account being banned its 9 years old thats some pretty number your 1 year from 10 :x But awhile back I found this. Myself I have done it with a 6-8 year old account (but I play taiko) and got to rank 5k in 2 days. And im still not banned and lets go 1 step deeper, ive made some alts and there like 1 week old and are close to entering top 10k with like 2k PP and less then 10 hour. What you have to worry the most about is people checking your graph. Also they will check your top performance(since your prob not a noob you will have big gap in your top performance like a bunch of 150 PP and randomly a 225 PP a person stuck at his rank would be getting lots of same PP and lower) and your playcount on maps and playcount in general. But if I have to answer, you should be fine but I don't wanna tell you 100% go for it πŸ˜›
  16. questions if i have an account made in like 9y old ago, but 0 playcount/time/etc (aka blank account) should i still follow these steps? First day : 40pp Second day : 80pp etc
  17. No, the moment you buy any cheat/hack/bots you will get dejavu with the cheat/hack/bot/editor. The moment you buy aquila tokens you become upgraded user too. I think by assumption Rumoi/Kev lets you get dejavu thinking most people here are here to evade or multi-account and/or Make an alt to cheat on so they dont risk there main. If your talking about the thread uhhhh I have no idea Lol maybe you have to verify your account in your email? im not sure lol , but if its about where to find dejavu its the above message i wrote.
  18. Thanks so much again. do I have to be upgraded user in order to view how dΓ©jΓ vu works? Says I don’t have permission to see it.
  19. Well they havn't been running screenshot and/or background running programms in 2 years or more (can't remember out of my head) so your safe as it gets. Just remember if you make an account dont expect to pull insane Performance Point on first few days. You should cook your account for 1 week (just play random stupid stuff) Follow these steps and you should be fine. Keep in mind if you buy Enlighten don't go spamming Flashlight on maps (osu!reddit/report will find youuuuu and they will report you there), but then again you got 50 account slots on dejavu so you should be able to play/create/cook 50 accounts. If you need a more in depth guide of Dejavu how it works and how to stay unbanned. check this thread. If you want a fast quick to the point guide: Further more you can also buy an osu account from someone with enough vouches that you can trust on this site. just make sure you pick an account thats atleast 1 year old πŸ˜›
  20. Thanks so much man! Btw is the cheat even detectable by the anticheat? will do all steps πŸ™‚
  21. Hey Kuuhaku, Listen my brother from another country :v Aslong as you use Dejavu and a VPN and You promise yourself everytime you open osu you do the following steps: 1. Open osu client with remember username and password disabled. 2. VPN is open (not free VPN preferly) 3. Open Dejavu and pick a slot like lets say slot number 10? and click update 4. THENNNN you can log in on your alt and/or create that alt 5. DONT ever ever forget any of the following steps and your good to go :v Just if you forget dejavu say goodbye to your appeal they will know you multi account and restrict you within 4 hours and you will have to wait 3-6 months to write an appeal then another 1 week to 6 month for them to reply to your appeal. Image once you load up your AQN loader file that you bought. I can promise you it works, cause ive done it before πŸ˜›
  22. So recently got back into osu and am currently trying to get my main unrestricted. will using this affect my appeal process at all? (Assuming I don’t go blatant at all). Just worried about detection and stuff.
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