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Everyone will have to register a new account, if you had a subscription please use your email that you had on your old AQN account!

To transfer your old subscriptions you need the same email as your previous Aquila account as you register.


You can transfer subscriptions by clicking here once you have verified your email.

You can verify your subscriptions on the Manage Purchases page of the store or by clicking here.


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    It is three months now. Getting unbanned in general was made a lot easier because the system before was gross.
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    Except it does. You expect a paid program to let you download the launcher when you have no subs?
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    the first time I used it was pretty complicated ngl but after that I got it down and now it's really easy
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    you get the hang of it after 10 minutes
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    Depends on how you plan to use it. The designed way? Really easy once you learn to use the aim fixer (m3) and the smooth aim generator ( shift + s) to your advantage. Taking minimal effort and time to edit your scores with mis aims / improving acc with the auto acc fixer. The un designed way? It is still possible and relatively easy to grasp what you have to do but you will have to be willing to invest time into edits if you put in a 50% acc replay.
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    If you get caught cheating you will be able to make an appeal in six months (or was it three?) to apologize for what you did etc... and your account will be rolled back to before you cheated. BUT it's not a 100% chance you will get unrestricted right after you submit an appeal. Being PERMANENTLY banned is very rare I'd say, it might just take a long time before you're allowed back to the ranks.
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    whats wrong with it? direction prediction extremely improved and all other changes were made to look more legit
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    It will be in the next version of relax.
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    I think he means can't submit scores probably?
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    It is about to be replaced with a more simple system.
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    After discussing it with Kev a bit this morning we've decided we would like to expand to other games and expand our community. The affiliate rank is a rank that will allow users to sell their cheats/services, as well as have their thread stickied, for the price of $15. This does not allow the sale of other osu cheats, though the sale of accounts will still be allowed as normal. If you would like to purchase the affiliate rank you may do so by getting in contact with Kev of myself.
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    There is the legacy toggle if you want the older non stream safe version. It is pretty self explanatory as to what it was before buying so I do not see how you can 'not like how it work'.