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    Hi, It's me, Ayreth, I've finally decided to release the AQN osu! skin. For now, the skin is only made for STD / Mania / Catch. The skin is quite heavy with a lot of animation so i'll be working on a lighter version in the future. Although it's made only for HD, you can enable the High resolution compatibility by going in your osu! folder, opening your "osu!.[SessionName].CFG" with notepad, then searching for "HighResolution" and putting the value to 1 and "LowResolution" and putting the value to 0, like shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCBGl-9C2SA - - - - - - Screens & Download - - - - - - ❄ Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/s7shDQb ❄ Download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CQAk2l4R9IYwMULsZSWRr2KyTkw4pNkk?usp=sharing - - - - - - Also - - - - - - - Feedback and advices are appreciated ! - I do not make any Skin commissions yet - If you have any questions about the skin, you can send me a PM on discord (Ayreth#5542) - - - - - - Informations - - - - - - 「 All my Other Skins 」 「 My Discord 」 「 My Twitter 」 Stay safe, don't get caught using AQN and have fun !
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    Hello, i have been using the aim assistance feature and i noticed it looks a bit robotic on some streams, so i was thinking: If this problem only appears on streams. Could it be possible to add an "optional" feature so that in a chosen range the aim assistance doesn't actually do its thing? For example, if the chosen distance limit is 50 (i don't really know if there are measurements in osu, so this is just an example) and the distance between the previous circle you hit and the next is less than 50, then the next hit will be totally legit (no aim assistance). I don't know if this is really possible in coding, but i think this would be pretty cool since it will add personalization and fix the stated problem. Thanks for reading.
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    AIM ASSIST If these settings/customizability get implemented in the future, Aim-Assist could become it's own sub for like $5-8? Instead of having OFF/LOW/HIGH there are multiple sliders to change the aim-assist strength for: Circles, Sliders & Streams. Each customizable from 0.00 to 1.00. That way you can have medium settings etc. You can hit jumps but won't work very well on streams etc. Spaced streams look very snappy at the moment for some people. More options could be: Having Aim-Assist settings load at startup, atm you have to turn it on every time. Aim-Assist Range, This is for jumps & streams. Basically if the circles are a certain distance way from another, it will not assist your aim. This will make jumps & streams less obvious. ENLIGHTEN I think there should be more customizability for when you're playing. Some features could be: Follow Points, Hit Circle Numbers, Cursor Trail & Hit Circle Fade-In instead of it just appearing. CHEAT SECURITY (im paranoid) I feel like if peppy wanted to, he could easily ban players using AQN, such as checking running applications for the AQN icon & libeay32.dll. He could be logging AQN users ready for a huge ban wave??? Currently users are just storing this cheat on their computer with the name "AQN.exe" ???? How to combat this: Every time someone downloads the loader, the loader and dll are given a random string for the name and a random icon. The cheat should also be required to load off a USB and take the USB out before injection. Many private cheats for osu, csgo etc use this system and have never been detected. ty for coming to my ted talk
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    bumping from this thread it will be helpful to have auto startup ex. if you need to create a video proof. it will be more good if it autostart on startup and the tray is hidden. so we can shows the task manager.
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    i have no use for those accounts, enjoy (anti-leeching kinda thing would be cool, will be posting more of those in the future) Prockz:nicole123 | Country = DE | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false | Creation Date = 2013-06-25 boordaf:09jrpg90 | Country = FR | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false | Creation Date = 2013-11-15 rex3366:PP57rr67 | Country = US | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false | Creation Date = 2013-08-11 Barrii:barri1990 | Country = CZ | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false bobby3256:10003256 extra: kinkou:kinkou3939 | Country = JP | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false | Creation Date = 2010
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    Let me preface by saying this aim assist will not give miracles. If you horribly miss read to the point where you are on the other side of the playfield it wont even attempt to help. Think of it more as a consistency booster. EDIT: Some people are confused. The cheat is under the 'Miscellaneous' option not relax. So currently it comes with any active sub. It works for mouse, tablet and touch screen. The key principle behind it is to offer boosted aim skill/consistency while not inhibiting or working against the user. You should not even really be able to notice it in effect other than the fact you are hitting things easier than without. There is nothing more annoying than fighting against something that is intended to help you. Once again let me stress that this will not be on the level of blatancy - This teeters on the limit of what can be done in a live environment without having edge cases. It's great for reducing shit misses but if you want to fix an abhorrent miss then the replay editor is for you. This is the first public release of this feature so if anyone wants to provide feedback this is the best time :)
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    AUTOBUY SUPPORT ADDED! CLICK HERE USE CODE "AQUILA" FOR 10% OFF I was an active member of this forum back in 2013. I am selling hundreds of Cracked Osu Accounts for a low price! Since these accounts are cracked, they do not come with mail access! As a result, I've decided to sell these accounts for relatively cheap. The product includes a few tips on how to gain full access of the account. You may also contact me on discord, and I can supply you with a list of the user's known emails and passwords. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD TO REQUEST A SPECIFIC PP/LEVEL/COUNTRY/PLAY COUNT NOW TAKING REQUEST FOR MANIA, TAIKO, AND CATCH THE BEAT! DM ME ON DISCORD I've included a sample product below (real account). This is what you will receive in your email after purchasing: taquito7420:paramore123 UserID = 2551497 Country = US | Restricted = false | IsSupporter = false | Creation Date = 2013-04-18 | STDLevel = 40 | OsuPP = 389.369 | STDRank = 810080 | PlayCount = 1791 TERMS OF SERVICE By purchasing, you agree to the following terms of service: 1. I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone if they sketch me out. 2. Middleman is accepted, PM me on DIscord. 3. Currently only accepting BTC for autobuy. PM me on Discord to pay with Paypal (F&F ONLY) or another payment method (accepting amazon.ca gift cards). 4. ALWAYS CONTACT ME FIRST IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES BEFORE LEAVING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, OR SUPPORT WILL BE TERMINATED 5. Leave positive feedback and contact me on DIscord with your transaction ID for a free account 😉 5. Replacements are only provided for invalid credentials or incorrect PP amount. Contact me on Discord within 48hrs of purchasing. No refunds. This means I am not responsible for anything that happens to the account after purchase. However, I reserve the right to make exceptions to replace/refund where I see fit. Discord: Lucky#8648 ALWAYS PM ME ON SITE TO VERIFY BEFORE DEALING CLICK HERE TO VISIT AUTOBUY SHOP 6/3/2020 - Restocked on high ranked accounts (~7k-8kpp, high PC, not listed in the autobuy shop.) See stock below and DM me on discord to see the uncensored capture and negotiate a price: 6/5/2020 - Stocked up on 3-4 digit inactive/semi inactive mania accounts. Stock listed below as well.
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    rumoi pls ignore m3re he's out of his mind
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    Paypal does not work and i dont got crypto. It could be helpful since stripe can be linked directly with a credit card (im pretty sure).
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    A bidirectional press assisting is technically possible. A 'forward' press assist is very basic. I even had a version in 2015. Going back is not entirely impossible - if it were not for stream visual artifacts I might have already added it. It working backwards on stream would require the game to be rendered twice (including bi audio!), one to the stream ( real ) and another to you ( fake ) . The fake screen would have to ease forwards in time slightly from the real screen allowing for a few milliseconds of leeway (bound by camera fps). Your camera would ease inverse to the same offset. Light pollution from the fake screen could also be an issue. Let alone there being potential camera frame time artifacts. Ultimately safe press assists could only occur within a single frame of your camera, for this to be done consistently I would have to make custom stream recording software. A lot of these points firmly place a bi-directional press assist into the 'luxury' or 'private' classifications of a cheat.
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    sell your ass for $10 paypal and buy tokens with that
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    How did they contact you? I have been watching that account and they never pm'ed or made a forum post.
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    Did you pay via Family And Friends?
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    or even act like vanguard, automatically opens when windows started
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    Good seller, can be trusted! 👍
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    Name ids: Janeth jhene (jhene aiko) kentrell (nba youngboy) ----------------- OG ids: ovoid (of a solid or a three-dimensional surface) Brampton (city in Canada) Angreifer - Sold 3 chars: t6_ 2L_ ----------------- Semi og: stressing - Sold schemers relisted comfier rocketers chirping accruing acquaints compatibly Handouts TabIet (capital i) ------------------------------- Spanish ids: otras - others amorar - love
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    Vouch for the homie
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    Just wanted to give back to this community. Don't leech and I'll give away some higher pp accounts within the next few days. Check out my shop for more!
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    Removed the accounts links, do not do this in future as if you do end up selling it, you're bassicly scamming as they will end up banned.
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    Very good guide! But for c++ I would recommend learning on learncpp.com since the documentation and tutorials are very inspired from the book published long ago. It also helps new users familiarize with reading stuff for their code.
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    I want aim assist auto start up :3
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    That would be awesome
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    Good question
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