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    This server is a joke. 1.) Get people who know what they're doing as staff on your server. 2.) They shouldn't recruit people with 0 knowledge as admin lmao. EDIT: Since someone promoted it on the aqn discord server, most of the players are probably cheating LOL.
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    Brother, you cant offer a boosting service and boost players "legit" WHILE you litterally have acces to cheats. You probably play legit or relax offline or using the "Score Filter" option and fix your accuracy and misses. For people looking into this service, please purchase "Rumoi's Replay Editor" and boost your self. Using your own replays and tap style/aim is way better then letting someone else play on your account. He can easily make a simple mistake cheat wise or forget to load the right Dejavu slot or connect to a vpn. Who even needs a boosting service to reach 4000PP. Also why is this part of your boosting service lmao "follow me with Twitch" I hope you hide your username & cheats or it will be sad for you to lose your osu and twitch account.
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    contact me for more info personal clean account price: 85$ ret#0009
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    Replay editor Shift+ S, change mouse movements, ez fix. You can even change your key press time to do it too if it wasn’t just aim
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    Sales are suspended.
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    Cant Believe We're E Dating RN
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    Yes, why shouldn't it work? Dt speed is 150.
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    IIRC, you made a charge back on 2019/03/27 18:24:58 with the comment of "Shit cheat for shit game" this was made less than 18 hours after the payment had initially been made. If you want to come back into the community purchase 1000 tokens to undo what you've done in the past and we will debit that and we will adjust your current sub by a few days for the lost time.
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    This program is old, and have many bugs, if you're using aqn relax/timewarp/enlighten, not editing replays in retarded way, you will be safe. This program just shows possible suspicious moments, but most of the time, they show your overall stats during the map and moments that dont make sense. So dw about it.
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    You should probably not use free vpn service.... That's kinda suicide :x
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    If you have another ip, pc they shouldn't ban you, but if you planning to create a new one, you should be careful. Buying some personal account at this point would be more viable. Btw, I strongly recommend you not to show your username here, you could explain it without these screenshots. Just remove them.
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    I got banned in March, unbanned in May, started using aqn and multiaccounting as I was bored a bit, and got banned in the end of november, wrote them a letter, but no one still answered to me 😞. No way I could return to bancho without aqn now
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    Hmm yes payment software error, in july of last year no less. "Maybe if i say 'it didnt happen but even if it did happen xd it was your error' it will magically spawn a timeline where they will act like oblivion guards and just forget what happened!" - Sorry but you fail this real life charm roll.
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    I will no longer sell accounts on this forum, so if you wanna buy something you can try to hit me up in discord or telegram. TELEGRAM
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    the new year killed aqn bro
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    Already sitting outside of rumoi's house asking for change to nearby passengers.
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    Hello! I've seen people make liveplays and sell them here, and I think I could do that. I'm a 3 digit, and I can use any mod on any map to your need! (I'm very good at playing with the Auto mod if you want a FDFD DT play!). I'd be very happy to do it for cheap, and if I'm happy, free! My discord is Zed den Houting#4394 🙂
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    I sold a rank ~900 account for $50 a while back. Yeah I sold it for cheaper because I was in a rush, but I don't think a 5 digit account is worth $60+.
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    intensively dropping acc/get 100s instead of pressing Lctrl/Ralt for long, because that would hits 300s/200s too and then 100s it will make the score bar looks sus/fishy, people can easily figure it out if one's cheating when notice that score bar so adding this feature seems like a good idea like pressing Lalt for intensively gets early hits, and Rctrl is for intensively gets late hits i dont think if its really good idea, but im sure it will help to make the bot more legitimate and also cool
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    Min. 500pp & Reg < / = 2015 My budget is 10-14$ Discord: AnimeWhite#4613
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    It is now over. It's that time of year again. Will be handled much the same as the last. Acquire the tokens and send me a pm with what lifetime options you would like. I will deduct your tokens accordingly. Relax, Timewarp, Enlighten, Mania, Taiko - 70 USD (8000 tokens) Each Replay Editor - 100 USD (12000 tokens) Master - 175 USD (21000 tokens)
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    Zed den Houting#4394 is my discord. :)
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    Another thing that I've noticed is the tapping itself. Correct me if im wrong but, the taps that relax does are almost instantaneous and it seems a bit sketchy imo. Naturally, when you play legit, you do hold the key a bit longer, notice it or not, and relax just taps to quickly. If you guys could add it, the tapping should be a bit longer or at least make it more random somehow.
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