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    THINGS YOU MIGHT NEED: IntelliJ IDEA for Java Development (Download) -> JetBrains [Download for the IntelliJ Environment] Visual Studio IDE for C++, C#, and VB.net Development (Download) -> Microsoft [Download for the Visual Studio Environment] StackOverflow (Visit) -> Stack Exchange [Solutions to Many Problems] C# Guide (Visit) -> Microsoft [Guide to C#] C++ - Win32 Guide (Visit) -> Microsoft [Guide to C++] Visual Basic Guide (Visit) -> Microsoft [Guide to Visual Basic] Java Guide (Visit) -> Oracle [Guide to Java] SomeBodyMakeThis (Visit) -> Reddit [Application Ideas] Useful Websites Thread (Visit) -> GitHub [Includes More than 100 References] PInvoke (Visit) -> PInvoke [Interop Wiki] VIDEO TUTORIALS: Java Programming Playlist (Watch) -> TheNewBoston C# Programming Playlist (Watch) -> TheNewBoston C++ Programming Playlist (Watch) -> TheNewBoston VB.NET Programming Playlist (Watch) -> TheNewBoston ACTUAL GUIDE: 1. Download an IDE (Integrated Development Enterprise). Basically, this allows you to actually code. The Visual Studio IDE includes several coding languages,--these languages are just like foreign languages, you could say. For example, the IntelliJ IDEA IDE includes Java, as you might have guessed. The Visual Studio IDE, however, mostly includes Windows-based languages, that is VB.NET, Visual C#, Visual C++, and other coding languages that have something to do with Windows Forms (a basic window). 2. Now, after you have downloaded, and installed the IDE, it is up to you to decide which coding language you choose. I really do not want to express my opinion here, but I do not recommend VB.NET, as it is mostly outdated, and more difficult to develop cheats,--in case you want to do that. Now, that we have hit the note on this word, cheats, please be aware of the fact that programming is not here to develop cheats. You can do that, certainly,--I do it myself, but if you are just here to learn how to memory-write, code internal cheats, etcetera, then do not even follow this tutorial, as there are numerous well-programmed cheats that you do not need to redo yourself. 3. Now, you should be ready to start a project. Depending on the IDE you chose, this could be disparate, but for now, you can create a simple project, and discover all the different elements of what the actual coding program has to offer. When you are done with that, go ahead, and either 1) search up tutorials yourself, or 2) try out the playlists I have posted above. I, personally, have to say that all of these playlists are very good, but this might not be the same for you. Just get to know the basics of coding, and this might take no time or a lot of time: Coding is about patience, discipline, and the volition to learn. 4. Jumping ahead to a time where you are now familiar with the foundation of coding, I would recommend starting simple projects. When I got to know the base of programming, I started off with a mouse-speed changer that switches your cursor speed depending on which application is focused. Of course, your project does not have to be the same project I did but try to keep it simple,--it does not have to be world-changing, or innovative. 5. Now, that you are pretty solid with the basics of the language you chose, go ahead, and just code. Code whatever you want, and if there is something that is not covered in the tutorials you watched or guides you read, then use Google. As nonplussing as it might sound, Google is here to help you, and it is an incredible source to use when having any question. You might have also heard of a website called StackOverflow which can be very useful when starting to code, but personally, I try to not use it, due to the fact that often I happen to just copy the source without actually comprehending the process behind it. So, feel free to utilize it, but attempt to dig as deep as possible, and get the process: Why did he use an If-Statement here? Why would she declare this variable as Int32, and not a normal integer? Why is he referring to the function in a timer tick, and not a button click event? 6. Basically, that is kind of a cycle of coding. You learn something new, implement it, and learn something new again. Honestly, programming is a huge hobby of my life, and it has given me amusement in uncountable situations, my problem-solving skills have improved by a great amount,--because not everything works perfectly the first time. Sometimes, in case I find no answers on the World Wide Web, I try something different, and it will work out because that is what coding is here for--to function and help us, right? You can always use the links above as a reference, I have used them a lot, and I personally would recommend them. You can also find a GitHub Page of tons of websites that are extremely useful, so never stop coding! Thank you very much for reading this little guide, I do hope that you have enjoyed it, and I will excuse myself with a fair goodbye. Sincerely, Jakob
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    Uhh it is much less suspicious for it to just be slightly delayed. Trust me. The entire spectator system is weird and slight delays before opening a map happen in normal play all the time. Pausing on literally every play would be extremely easy to notice and start comparing lengths (you can even internally calculate something is fucked its that blatant). The spectating client being delayed by an undermined amount of time at the start is how it will always be.
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    No it is not. That is the most useless way to do things it does nothing.
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    Should be fixed so I'm closing the thread.
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    @Admin Helps if you have the correct email verified to your account here. @jujuju123 I don't see a support ticket or a PM from you.
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    Right, and having a sub 1k player that can't even use a kps program in recordings is pretty "shit" as well. So what am I to do? Stop buying your shit? Or simply start all over on a new account until the same thing happens again? This is actually an unfortunate problem for me, and it would be nice if you responded like the adults that you are. Instead of as if you're just a bunch of kids slapping your dicks across a keyboard
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    Lifetime subscriptions will be around christmas time.
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    We're going to have a temporary changelog placement here that rumoi and I will both edit as we make changes. Replay Editor [13/8/18] Left clicking while in nudgemode over the note now confirms the nudge. [13/8/18] Nudge mode now highlights the note with purple if it will hit (you can check the acc with the bottom bar still) [13/8/18] Added hard rock toggle [13/8/18] Added mouse button support [15/8/18] Fixed rare crash issue in the acc fixer [15/8/18] QWERTZ and AZERTY support [15/8/18] Screen selector re implemented [15/8/18] Fixed graphical bug on first HR toggle Enlighten [13/8/18] Added legacy mode to the AR and HD options ( non stream safe version ) Relax [13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment [13/8/18] Forced presses we not working, this has been fixed and a couple checks were put in place. [13/8/18] Fixed small bug where it would ignore the users option to disable it [15/8/18] Silent aim now works better on sliders. [23/8/18] Added BPM alternating options to allow users to customize how it will alternate. [28/8/18] Tweaked some slider calculations. Taiko [13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment [13/8/18] Fixed Unstable Range being froze to 12 Mania [13/8/18] Added Ctrl/Alt hotkey offset adjustment General [13/8/18] Added mouse control support to the menu [14/8/18] Opening osu after clicking load in the launcher now correctly loads. [15/8/18] Menu does not disappear while osu is not the focus anymore.
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    Been a while since this was updated but I will say a very general sum of things that have been added. Replay Editor Current acc is now shown inside the acc fixer - forgot to add it before. Added beta menu that will be used to not use the disgusting winapi file selector in the future. Timewarp Added a mode which makes people spectating you not buffer. General Menu on all programs has been updated to a better integrated one. Free supporter for all programs. Added ability to skin the menu-osu logo.
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    Yay that might help me to start, thanku Jakob 😄
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    @rumoi Great job with what you've done already but I've got an idea, not sure if it is even possible tho. Is it possible to instead of waiting on the menu for like 5~20 seconds (depending on the song lenght), the spectator could go into the spectator mode without delay but instead of appearing "Buffering (0%)" for 5~20secs at the start of the map it would appear "Host paused" for 5~20secs? Is there anyway to trick osu! to make that happen? Would be pretty cool imo. "5-20secs" is just an example.
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    It says I'm idle but when the "buffering timer" ends it says im playing, so everything seems to be ok, at least from what I saw... Tested with the other computer only for about 10 minutes as for the "Choosing song" thing I didn't check cuz I don't use cutting edge and It seems to be exclusive feature 😛
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    I mean yeah, 10k pp would mean he's well into the top 250.
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    You do know it does not say buffering at the start right? Why would I add an option to make it say paused when what you are saying does not happen by default.
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    I'll check tomorrow, have to sleep rn xD
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    You were!!!! 😎😎
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    Disable it and let them buffer every half seconds then if its so omega blatant. This is literally the first release of the option and I already changed it in the next release.
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    But why. This is useless and would cause more complaints then it would quench. Oh boy sure do love it randomly smashing other keys on my keyboard! Such an efficient and nice addition. :((( but if it des not i dnt get to use bongo cat!!!!
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    way too overpriced, you get accounts with that registration date and decent playhours/playcount for the same price, if not even lower