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    Hey AQN community, Got any funny story of getting banned/caught/reported on reddit or an appeal reply from Osu on a throwaway account. Maybe you where being spectated by someone and he started talking to you. Asking all kinds of question how you got good (maybe because you made an account and its less then a month old and your just playing legit trying to have fun evading and the top rank of Switzerland start mass spamming you for answers to his personal questions, real story that happend to a friend of a friend of mine (me)). I'm pretty sure most of you guys who uses dejavu with more then 1 slot has gotten into some kind of problem. Maybe you found yourself on osu!report on reddit and you tried defending yourself or got in a fight 😣 Or some kid believing hes the next cookiezi who rather spend time hunting players down instead of playing the game itself start crying because you got a higher rank in a map in multiplayer. Keep in mind you shouldn't type the username you had and/or the person who talked to you in case of lurkers and/or if you are gonna try and cheese an appeal. (Hide dates if needed, incase you wanna show a support mail) Surprise us with your story if you have one.
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    So, idk if anyone has already suggested these things but here I go My master subscription ended 2 days ago and I have a couple of things that I've noticed on relax. First, the spinner. With relax on, it clicks the spinner as soon as it appears and most of the times, it's faster than we can react. In my opinion there should be a delay option or a disable spinners option, because it's a bit sketchy that we tap the spinner before we start spinning. Another thing that I've noticed is the tapping itself. Correct me if im wrong but, the taps that relax does are almost instantaneous and it seems a bit sketchy imo. Naturally, when you play legit, you do hold the key a bit longer, notice it or not, and relax just taps to quickly. If you guys could add it, the tapping should be a bit longer or at least make it more random somehow. Sorry if there were any grammar errors, not english xd
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    thebruhmeme#6969 Price - 6$
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    trusted seller, taught by me :3
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    I thank both of you! I'll enjoy my time here πŸ˜„
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    Wow grats Lol, 1 week later *hits 900PP* Damn using relax on an unbanned main. You sure let your balls hang lol
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    6-12x the current price but usually 6x so timewarp and every other 10$ would cost 60-120$ (suppose usually 60) and stuff like Replay editor cost (150$)
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    This guy just bought one of my accounts, trade was smooth and fast
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    Just bought an osu account from him - very kind person, extremely smooth trading. Was a pleasure, ty ❀️
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    The best way to make new accounts is using dejavu with vpn. The only thing that remains is r/osureport
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    You start the map and it will auto play. Do you need help with actually editing? For miss aims you just have to press shift and use the mouse wheel to snap to your press where you missed (mouse wheel down goes to the next and up goes to your previous) and then you click in your middle mouse button and move your cursor to where you want to hit on the note. Middle mouse or left clicking while the note is blue would confirm.
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    Aslong as you dont forget to load the dejavu slot and VPN, when playing on that other account you should be fine. But if you forget GG lol
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    how many years ago did that computer get banned. your most likely won't be able to pass the account registration, if your computer is tainted when it asks you to log in to verify. If your computer is new new then use vpn you never know if your IP is still banned. Your best bet (safest) is to use dejavu which you will get by purchasing any bot/hack here that way you got 50 (excluding slot 0) account slots (which means 50-51 accounts you can make/manage).
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    you have to wait 12 hours for the ban to get removed or ask rumoi to reset it.
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    Don't use it in multi, depending how much you slow it down after the game is finished for everyone they will have to wait for you to finish. Watch out for spinning to fast with timewarp on if you lower the game speed to much.
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    Uh I’m not sure, but I think they’re always sold every December. Just ask rumoi via dms.
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    1. I got banned before by a friend who told on me on reddit that I had multiple account (using 2 separate comp) even tho, he didn't care till I reached his rank lol Sadly he was the only person who knew about it. 2. I got banned years ago for using relax hack when it was new on the old AQN and osu! could check what your running in the background and take screenshot. 3. I once was evading and a top player of the country flag I was playing in, kept spectating and asking questions and i got banned few hours later. (wasn't even standard mode, I havn't played standard mode since my 1st ban lol) 4. I got banned for dual screening years ago too. 5. Got banned for sending email from wrong email and got called out for robbing my own account. 6. I once got a Osu!Supporter so mad at me in a big email fight he told me to never ever write and/or bother appealing again and I flipped him off at the last email. 7. got banned for being banned after they caught on to me also on a very very stupid way ( I went to a friends house and i had an account banned on the computer that i logged in on years back at the persons party when we where just fooling around 3 Am and got banned for logging in on it just to play while I was waiting for the microwave to finish something) and theres more >_>
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    idk in what category this fits in but, is there going to be osu!lazer support in the future? rn it injects but when i press home it doesnt work
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    I am not sure about the present but in the past it was half random what would happen. Sometimes your main would be affected sometimes not. I think if you were blatantly cheating (not just multiaccounting) they were more likely to affect both accounts. But if you want to mess around on a new account you can just use dejavu and change/spoof your ip. On another note osu has a lot of checks for new accounts based primarily off play count/time and account age.
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