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    Unless the person is a trusted seller like Shyui or Asterisk, please DO NOT send money first. Ask for as much proof of account ownership as you can. Stop being idiots. I’ve had 3 people come to me and tell me that the same dude made multiple aqn accounts and scammed them. If you’re a new seller on aqn, and you’re selling an account that isn’t 8kpp or higher, at this point you need to show proof of account ownership first. If you don’t want to need to show account ownership first, do the following: get your rep up, get vouches from old members, AND make sure your account isn’t less than a couple months old :D! You can also use a high rep aqn user as a middle man! Don't be afraid to ask. To buyers: can ofc ignore what I’m saying and get scammed out of your money, but I suggest you don’t do so 😄 To sellers: you can also try accepting g&s payments via paypal from kinda high repped members (5+ rep) AND at least half a year old. This is pretty much for your safety and security and for the buyers' safety. Stop being dumb :D!
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    Let me preface by saying this aim assist will not give miracles. If you horribly miss read to the point where you are on the other side of the playfield it wont even attempt to help. Think of it more as a consistency booster. EDIT: Some people are confused. The cheat is under the 'Miscellaneous' option not relax. So currently it comes with any active sub. It works for mouse, tablet and touch screen. The key principle behind it is to offer boosted aim skill/consistency while not inhibiting or working against the user. You should not even really be able to notice it in effect other than the fact you are hitting things easier than without. There is nothing more annoying than fighting against something that is intended to help you. Once again let me stress that this will not be on the level of blatancy - This teeters on the limit of what can be done in a live environment without having edge cases. It's great for reducing shit misses but if you want to fix an abhorrent miss then the replay editor is for you. This is the first public release of this feature so if anyone wants to provide feedback this is the best time :)
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    I analyzed multiple player provided replays :)
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    27k pc 400 hours dt top plays current offer $50 bin $80 litethan#4813 ill probably keep playing on the account so the rank could go up
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    5 digit, 3kpc, 50h+ for more details, notice me in discord: Shiretomi#6105
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    Just selling an dropped clean account of mine. Created and played on with Dejavu. Country: Discord: AnimeWhite#4613
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    Massage me - Your finest memory#0752
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    sold, good luck bro
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    If you’re playing on this account from an hwid that’s not registered to any other account, you’ll be fine.
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    +rep (sold his main account)
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    This aged well.
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    corrects your aim without interfering your gameplay much, pretty legit
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    I think it's same for all modes. 90-100 nomod, 135-150 for dt
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    Just so you know I do a lot more analyzing than passing it through a program created in 2015.
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    If you want to be 146% sure, don't boost more than 500 playcount per day, I don't know if this true, but I heard they can flag your account. Personally, I managed to boost 2000 playcount per day and didn't get banned. Just set some scores everyday if you boost, you should be fine. Prioritize hours, they are more important
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    Brother. Can you please stop being retarded? I have told you for 3 days now that is not it. Fix your firewall. Quite interesting that the 'ports are down' when literally everyone else in the entire universe can load. It's interesting that the server is down... but it's only localized exactly to when you want to login.. oh wait maybe it is just you! Impossible can't be.
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    I just got my liveplay. He's a trustworthy fellow 😄 the quality of the vid is nuts too
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