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  1. What is the problem with appeal? Just admit what you did, why you did that, and promise them that you won't do this again, simple as that.
  2. Sales are suspended.

  3. bump, still selling
  4. That's what they do when they don't like the person. Maybe they found out that I lied to him telling that was my friend playing on his account on my pc lmao. Idc at this point, someday I'll buy new pc and won't have any problems with playing this game without cheats, and I play pservers most of the time so this doesn't make much deal for me
  5. Yes, why shouldn't it work? Dt speed is 150.
  6. This program is old, and have many bugs, if you're using aqn relax/timewarp/enlighten, not editing replays in retarded way, you will be safe. This program just shows possible suspicious moments, but most of the time, they show your overall stats during the map and moments that dont make sense. So dw about it.
  7. Just buy cracked account for nordvpn/expressvpn with warranty, they should replace it if something goes wrong. They are cheap comparing to full price, and can have 1-2 year sub just for few dollars
  8. If you have another ip, pc they shouldn't ban you, but if you planning to create a new one, you should be careful. Buying some personal account at this point would be more viable. Btw, I strongly recommend you not to show your username here, you could explain it without these screenshots. Just remove them.
  9. I got banned in March, unbanned in May, started using aqn and multiaccounting as I was bored a bit, and got banned in the end of november, wrote them a letter, but no one still answered to me 😞. No way I could return to bancho without aqn now
  10. I used nordvpn all the time I multiaccounted, I never got ban except the situation when I forgot to turn on dejavu(1 time lol) that lead to ban.
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