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  1. This looks fucking amazing insane work
  2. Another thing that I've noticed is the tapping itself. Correct me if im wrong but, the taps that relax does are almost instantaneous and it seems a bit sketchy imo. Naturally, when you play legit, you do hold the key a bit longer, notice it or not, and relax just taps to quickly. If you guys could add it, the tapping should be a bit longer or at least make it more random somehow.
  3. yo pm me via aqn pm system too if u got something lmao
  4. tell me what u got
  5. PLZ RUMOI or atleast spinner offset
  6. valee


    gonna have to bump A LOT with this price
  7. title says it all, tell me what u got
  8. in hqosu there is something like the stamina thing, its called something like spacedoubledelay, when you hold spacebar you get double delay on rx i dont know if this setting is in aqns relax tho
  9. found this, thought I'd share for those who don't know it, im new so i don't know if this is common knowledge. source: justm3.net note: AC means anticheat, not airconditioning note: triggering AC doesn't always mean ban, it might just add a note to your account note: a restriction takes anywhere between 0 and 1200 minutes (?) to enable. TODO: difference between logging and actually getting banned or restricted ---------- Trigger peppy's AC search: - new user (ONLY IF: score/playcount>10 AND sub50000k rank AND one of the last 200k new users - IP already banned - reported before? - More than 500 playcount in last 24h? - cheat program running ---------- Trigger AC on score submit: - Too much submissions in a short time (more than 12 in 2min, needs to trigger 13 times. more than 16 is instant restruct?) - Blacklisted words in process list - Submitting as supporter - Submitting w/o being logged into bancho - Submitting from account that is not verified - Submission from disallowed pc (banned hardware, only for 1 week after creation) - When age is lower than 2d and raising 800+ pp (STD ONLY). - Multiple hwid's within 1h after account creation (detects WB and dejavu) - When ip-banned but not restricted - totalScore / playCount > 5000000 (get more than 5mil on average per score, on new accounts) - High pp gain (80+ ranks AND rank halved) - rank 100- on a map, on a new account - new highest score, but not pass AND playcount is higher than 5000 (?) (detects level hacks and bpi) - get into top5k with less than 50 plays - short process list - Bad flag - No whitelist words in process list AND less than 30 characters - Account age (in seconds) devided by 2160 is larger than 40 - More than 1500pp from 1 score - Top 50 rank on a map when age is less than 10 days (different rules for FDFD and big black) Note: submitting unranked mods doesn't trigger anything, same for invalid scores ---------- Trigger AC on getting scores ingame: - AQN folder/files in appdata ---------- Other restriction reasons: - Recently reported 8 times in beatmap page (also mails peppy) - Manually restricted by admin ---------- Other logging reasons - Paid for supporter or smth by a blacklisted user - purchase chargeback - sneaky error reporting thing (with ss and all that shit) detected blacklisted icon as I said above I don't know if this has already been posted in here
  10. nevermind, if someone else had the same question, there you go still dont know if buying an account will help though.
  11. ^also able to buy an account if it prevents not getting banned again though, would do a region change by sending my pass to osu supp though if thats not a problem
  12. hey guys, is there any comprehensive banbypass guide? I got banned on main, tried making a 2nd one with hwid changer (the identity thing on hqosu) and VPN, got banned after 1 day (probably because i only used the vpn for the registration). I heard a lot about this dejavu thing but I don't know where to buy it and in general dont know how to make a new account w/o getting banned (i know the pp rules for a new account) i heard dejavu is doing shit in regedit etc but since im too lazy to do all that myself it would be nice if someone could link where to buy osu!dejavu and maybe give some instructions thanks in advance
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