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Account Boosting and Replay Selling

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I'm going to start offering account boosting services and also selling replays to people.

I am a somewhat high ranked osu! player (~#400), never been restricted and I'm somewhat known. I'm willing to boost anyone on any server (Bancho, private servers etc.) to pretty much any rank you possibly want (within my skill range, I have a few 700pp plays) on a given server for a relatively cheap price. Price will have to be discussed depending on rank and server however generally I will give pretty cheap prices.

For those who dislike boosting, I'm also offering to sell replays. You give me a map and a desired score and I will do my best to set that level of score for you (offline so it's safe) so that you can replay bot it online. Generally, the prices for these will be the amount of pp the score is divided by 100, however for pass plays or plays that are more difficult than the pp they reward it may be higher than that but once again still mainly cheap. I may also offer cheaper prices if you buy replays in bulk.

Any scores I do via either methods will be 100% legit.

If you're interested, add me on Discord: aliro#6924

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