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  1. as far as i can tell, relax automatically clicks (with no delay) whenever there's a spinner. i remember there being an option to set a delay before relax clicks on a spinner so it'd be nice if we could have that option again or something similar
  2. is the cheat intended not to work on 2b maps??? it seems that the relax cheat just stops auto clicking when playing a 2b map
  3. oh okay. now when i try to use it it says "under maintenance" so i guess they're working on it. hopefully it won't be too long
  4. sorry for reviving an old thread, but i have this problem now. i've restarted osu! many times, and my pc, and i still have the problem. my antivirus is disabled.
  5. oh that's pretty cool actually. thanks
  6. i know what it does and no, i'm not looking to stream on twitch or whatever. i want to actually press the keys, just by myself. it makes it feel more natural. the accuracy chooser before was very useful
  7. is there a way to do it without having to press ctrl or alt?? i like to press Z and X to the beat even though i'm not really clicking
  8. thx didnt know i could manually control it like that
  9. I have my unstable range at 13-15 normally. but, it feels like having it at 15 gives me too many 100's, while putting it at 14 makes me too accurate. I remember a feature that allowed you to set a particular accuracy that the relax cheat would aim for. Is there any other function that has the same functionality as this used to? And/or what can I do to fix this.
  10. I have the maximum stream BPM set to 200 or so. Even so, the relax cheat will hit higher bpm streams perfectly (within the unstable range) unless I miss-aim. Am I misunderstanding the cheat, is something wrong on my end, or is something else wrong? I can upload an example if need be.
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