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  1. Xerxerus I didn't create them they are my friends account that quitted the game so I decided to sell it since they're not playing anymore. I also have their consent to sell their accounts.
  2. Account 1: 99% accu, play time 766 hrs, playcount 60k+. Account 2: 99% accu, play time 200+ hours, play count 21k. Two accounts are in PH country
  3. Still available. 😃 for those that dm my discord sorry I was busy with school.
  4. You can dm me at Squirtle#8896.
  5. Btw feel free to offer since I don't know that much in prices.
  6. I don't know about the price but friend told me I can go to 60-70$.
  7. Selling my 5 digit STD osu account 🙂
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