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  1. 100k+ playcount 1000+ hours at least one badge high rank mutuals and awesome reputation 100% legit hit my line danny.#4141 serious offers only
  2. boosting up to ~15kpp starting price $5 Tell us how you want to be boosted and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes NO RISK OF GETTING BANNED NO HIDDEN FEES HIGH QUALITY BOOSTING Interested? let's talk on discord: danny.#4141
  3. Very self-explanatory, here's a little showcase video made by kat. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/936351711243698256/981677618782928956/2022-06-02_07-55-12.mp4 I will be selling this for $75(negotiable) hit me up on discord danny.#4141 "very strong and yet virtually unnoticeable" -kat
  4. dm me offers discord: danny.#4141
  5. 4 digit, 60k+ playcount, 900h+ FOR MORE INFOS AND PRICE DISCUSSION DM danny.#4141 ON DISCORD
  6. danny


  7. I am looking to buy account with the following requirements: Recieving OG e-mail used for sign-up when bought Has to be realistic playcount/time in combination to its rank Created before 2020 Be 4 or 3 digit (prefered #4999-#500) Paying in Bitcoin or local country bank transfer/stripe I will not purchase the account if the requirements are not met or if the prices is unrealistic. Only intrested if you are able to proof ownership of the account. I am a trusted member & seller do not bother attempting a scam danny.#4141
  8. - every play is legit - unique plays - cpol uploads - 0 osureport threads asking around 420$ (definitely negotiable) payment via Paypal or Bitcoin only i wont give any more info here so contact danny.#4141 if you're interested
  9. danny


    wayy too expensive for an account with that rank
  10. boosting up to ~13kpp no price list, if you tell me how you want to be boosted i can name you a fair price if ur interested, hmu on discord danny.#4141
  11. funny because youre impersonating shene
  12. this discord acc scammed me a while ago lol
  13. SOLD 100% legit Bancho account 700pp+ play WhiteCat mutual lots of top player mutuals + good reputation ============================== osuHOW? - pay 50% - login - pay the other 50% - get full access ============================== PayPal or BTC only discord: danny.#4141
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