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  1. yea that doesn't seem like a very good solution, but maybe it'd be viable if the tablet buttons weren't so hard to press lmao I tested it though, and yeah it fucks my aim up so maybe it'll just take some practice and some grip adjustment
  2. is there anything you can do to spike the offset when you're playing with tablet and you're tapping keys at the same time? this means I can't use M1 and M2 to change offset, and I can't use LCTRL and LALT to do that either i made a post about using a foot pedal, but it'll probably be some time before I can buy that. so in the meantime, is there anything I can do?
  3. oh ya I totally understand why it was removed, having a button to toggle keypresses would be even better than just using bongo cat for that so please add that 🙂
  4. since bongo cat compatibility is gone (and that was what I used to disable osu registering my key inputs) is there any other way I can press my bound tapping keys during a map without the inputs being registered? thx
  5. when using rctrl to disable playback, it doesn't register key inputs from your own keyboard, so that basically means there's no way to just spam keys during a break or during the start of the map to prove innocence. is there any chance that you guys could implement this??
  6. smh? If you mean removing them, that's part of the problem I'm trying to figure out. If the cheat could open and inject itself into osu! automatically, whenever the game starts or whenever the PC starts without having to open the folder + click Relax and inject it manually, that would be almost perfect. Except there's a couple other problems. - The first map you play with relax injected restarts twice. If someone knows this fact, and gets suspicious and asks you to play a map without restarting it at all first, what would you do? Perhaps the solution would be to have osu! already opened, but hidden, like with the Boss Key. however, it'd be obvious if osu! was already open since it wouldn't play the fade-in animation and nekodex's circles song when the game starts. Also not to mention that the menu automatically opens on first inject. - The HUGE relax disabled and relax enabled icon when using rctrl to stop playback. Even on streamer mode, this huge text shows up in the bottom left corner of the screen and would be 100% obvious. Obviously, you'd have to use stop playback to purposefully miss a few notes so as to avoid suspicion. Otherwise, you'll be called out on that.
  7. I have streamer mode enabled but it still says "Relax Disabled" and "Relax Enabled" on my monitor whenever I press it. It might not show up on OBS, but it shows up on my monitor; and my monitor might show up on my handcam.
  8. Yeah, but usually people will ask to show a digital clock on screen so that there's no suspicious cuts, so unless you're a god at video editing I don't think that's too doable
  9. I understand that with relax, you can fake a liveplay pretty easily, if you know how to tap properly. But what you can't fake (to my knowledge) is recording turning your PC on, loading up osu!, and playing a pretty difficult map. So is there any way to get around this? Is there anyway to automatically load the cheats into osu! with no 2 restarts on your first map and no manually loading it via the loader?
  10. short q: is there any way to disable relax with this hotkey without it showing RELAX DISABLED or RELAX ENABLED in huge white Aquila text on the screen??
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