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  1. Cool guy, nice to deal with him

  2. 23kpc+ 220h+ 34krank+ discord: Shiretomi#6105
  3. About accs: Shiretomi#6105

    About fake liveplays, fake streams and other stuff: Your finest memory#0752

  4. 600h+ 60kpc+ 45krank+ More info in discord: Shiretomi#6105
  5. 5 digit, 3kpc, 50h+ for more details, notice me in discord: Shiretomi#6105
  6. Reg: RU/EUW Discord: Shiretomi#6105
  7. I can set you 300-600pp scores maximum pp that i can boost you is 9.5k 300pp - 5$ each 400pp - 10$ each 500pp - 25$ each If you buy complex boost (for example from 3k-7kpp) price will be piecework. DM me in discord for more information - Your finest memory#0752
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