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  1. vouch nice seller& fast!
  2. can't wait for the enlighten version nice skin btw
  3. bumping from this thread it will be helpful to have auto startup ex. if you need to create a video proof. it will be more good if it autostart on startup and the tray is hidden. so we can shows the task manager.
  4. or even act like vanguard, automatically opens when windows started
  5. boosting playcount / playtime, not a good way to do it but it works, i guess?
  6. can we have ability to alt-tab while using blatant relax? sometimes it's kinda boring to watch.
  7. searching any account with 1/2>k pp at any country, new/old acc with low budget (5$-8$ paypal) discord: HP100#4300
  8. Hello, i just made it here, and i confuse how tokens work, am i need $20 (for tokens and the cheat) or just get the tokens and i can buy the cheat with token....thank you!
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