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  1. Higher UR on n BPM stream sounds good. I think there is already an option to toggle relax playback.
  2. It does probably go easier if you are sincere and not downplaying it. If you are going to cheat anyway it is easier to multiaccount. but you lose all credibility on your main if they find out and then it is rip appeal for a long time. if you want play legit just appeal and be sincere, if you get denied follow what they say and appeal maybe 3 months later at least.
  3. Most likely your post here will be seen soon, otherwise last time I needed help I used https://theaquila.net/index.php?/support/ You should go through your emails / paypal and look for invoices so you're certain you registered the right email + it will probably be needed to add subscription back should it have bugged?
  4. After reading the most recent suggestion for relax I was thinking maybe it would be an idea to use subforums or tags to make it easier to see what has been suggested before. Or maybe a sticky thread that keeps track of what has been suggested and denied/accepted/worked on. Right now only way to know of previous suggestions is to go through the list and check for replies. Not all are replied to because of repeating questions and not all that are replied have dev as last reply making you have to scroll through the entire forum to see suggestion and if it will be considered. I think there are many tools on the site that can be made use of to improve the quality of this. Only problem with tag is while you can search multiple tags like searching for tags 'relax' + 'account' still show results for only 'account' and only 'osu' making it impossible to search 'enlighten' + 'denied' for example. Unrelated but also, is it just me or is the update forum empty? ( https://theaquila.net/index.php?/forum/5-updates/ Thank you for your time and consideration of my suggestion.
  5. I was wondering if there was a possibility to let us rebind keys like hitting early or late in relax? so we could bind h and k or mouse 4 and 5 for example? also in earlier version you could make relax not click if it predicted you would not hit note, so you could 'give up' by moving cursor to corner of screen and it would not click it would be nice to have that back or to have a disable key so you can give up and not look suspicious at all or even switch between two profile settings because some maps have easy tapping parts but then comes a difficult slider spam part but your slider timing is impeccable with bot
  6. Yup, that was it. I just went back and checked myself and it seems to be working now. Earlier I got the message shown in the image attached below.
  7. Hi, as stated in the title I am not able to create a support ticket/request. When I try I am met with the message "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." and that's about it.
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