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Found 21 results

  1. I am selling a catch the beat with 6 months osu supporter, valid until August 20, 2024! for very CHEAP price! Current rank when posted : Global Ranking #108,513 Country Ranking #5,101 This listing has been created since I no longer need this account Clean account, never banned, nor cheated on. Price $15 Payment Method : - Paypal - Payoneer - Skrill - Bitcoin - BNB - USDT - any legit crypto ❗for fast response, contact me at discord❗ Keymaster9766 Notice : I never send a Friend Request FIRST! or Add Friend FIRST!, if that ha
  2. Acound Sold, thanks ❗ If interested, contact me at ❗ Keymaster#9766
  3. 100k+ playcount 1000+ hours at least one badge high rank mutuals and awesome reputation 100% legit hit my line serious offers only
  4. 6 digit ~3650pp #9500 (RU FLAG) reg - july 2017 playtime - 1d 12h 17m lvl - 66 acc - 98,68% tops: #3 - on 3,83 star map (hddt) #4 - on 3,15 star map (hddt) #46 - on 2,98 star map (hddt) your price in pm (tg)! telegram - t.me/shyyyylean
  5. Hello! Currently I'm looking for 2014-2018 blank osu! accounts. Well the accounts don't have to be blank just under 100 plays/hours. I'm looking for accounts made in the U.S but if not that's okay. Please dm me on Discord if you have what I'm looking for! ✎ empathize#0001
  6. Buying osu! accounts created early 2016 or earlier (2015,2014,2013,2012,2011, etc.) Preferably fresh, low playcount, low pp smurfs. I want full access: account info, email info, etc. Flag preferably South Korea, Canada, or United States(not that important) . I'm going to pay in gift card codes. (((Add me discord ㅗㅜㅑ#9098)))
  7. As the title says im looking for a 6 to 8k pp account with a reasonable playtime on it. You tell the price.
  8. Hello, as the title states Im selling an osu account as I made this looking forward to playing how I used to but I haven't been playing that much recently I spent about 20 Canadian Dollars on supporter it has around 3 months of supporter left, if you'd like to purchase please message me on discord as I'd prefer this to be a manual process, incase you have issues with the account: blaze#8155 you can use this as a multi account or however you'd like It's basically setup to be a multi but it's not an issue to me the account is: gcc
  9. Any Flag, Any Play count/Play time. Just looking for a legit buyer please
  10. so, i am currently unrestricted after my first ban for multiaccounting but i am thinking about creating another account and quitting my first one question: if i will create account using only vpn will this make me restricted? am i constantly hwid checked, do i need to change it even though i'm unrestricted? is there more attention to your account if you were previously banned? please help
  11. More details on discord sexbazuka#8883 Price on discord too.
  12. I do not want to talk about this account here if you are interested add me on discord shyui#0001.
  13. I do not want to talk about this account here if you are interested add me on discord shy_#0001.
  14. im asking this to the people that are kinda familiar with the anticheat or restriction stuff so I already got restricted once and I got and created an account from a different pc with different email and all of that and that is almost 1 month ago and already below 70k now my question is am I fine or if the support actually checks me out could I be flagged/restricted again? not sure what to think at this point
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