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  1. that may be a bug in firediggers program unrelated to that. The way I usually submit plays is I timewarp it then correct the replay and play it with the editor. Sometimes my key-press times will be normal and others they will go down to like 10ms, triggering the timewarp/relax message, even though they are not 10ms. Firedigger himself has acknowledged this bug and was supposed to update the GitHub with a big warning saying that his program is no longer relevant, but people still use it to witch hunt anyway AFAIK
  2. High three digit player here, I use the same settings basically. Great post!
  3. the old aim assist was not very good, i believe there is one in the works though
  4. I am having the same issue,. i tried both stable and cutting edge release edit: just talked with Rumoi, when it injects press P to go to the song selection then press escape until it goes back to the main menu, the fps will be restored
  5. I think that the new enlighten is a really brilliant idea, being able to livestream with it and such. However I do feel like being forced to use its "skin" should only toggle when the user wants to enable a "livestream" option. Also the option to select different skins for this livestream mode would be great, or at the very least have the ability to change the color of the cursor. Basically I prefer the old enlighten and feel the new version should only be applied if the user wants to livestream and preferably come with with more customization Right after I wrote this I opened the program and there was an edit to have the legacy version lol. It still would be cool to have more customization in the livestream version
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