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  1. As the title says "Been playing recently, but today when tried to load, the menu did not load, and relax not working?"
  2. Can we bring back the Blatant modes that were removed in the previous update? I really loved having fun with those, Not just me, I'm sure some people are upset that they've gone as well 😞 (Cursor dance, Relax mode, Auto mode, Auto correction, ETC)
  3. Just bought WTS osu!std 11y.o POLAND 130h 10k playcount

    Seller was very fast, efficient and friendly! no issues, less than 5min purchase.

    Would recommend this seller !

    the account came with account+email+emailpass so I had no problem changing all the details of the account!

  4. email change available?
  5. Purchased an account, things went very smoothly and fast. He was very friendly and helpful when I asked some of my stupid questions. So +REP a trustworthy man.

  6. i added you on discord, i am interesting in buying an osu account,

    my discord is James Exclusive#6969

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