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  1. About a year ago rumoi said he was working on a legit aim-assist, is there any ETA on that or is it not being worked on anymore?
  2. Having a stamina bar would be so nice
  3. Rank doesn't matter as long as it is 6 digit, neither does hours or pc. The account should also be a couple months old at least. Discord: ezpzlemon#9675
  4. When in streamer mode on relax there is an additional option called "mouse offset control"
  5. yeah im so stupid once again complaining about a meme, what a joke i am
  6. I think it would be extremely useful to have an edge hit detector in the replay editor. Maybe there can be something like the acc fixer that just fixes edge hits.
  7. Im talking about an aim assist that does most/all of the aiming with random misses,noise, curve, and maybe some sort of humanized feature
  8. Will Aim Assist ever be a thing
  9. Hello Rumoi maybe you remember maybe you don't but, around 3 weeks ago I asked you to merge my account to a master subscription since I spent 2500 tokens and to put it to expire the day my earliest sub would have expired. When you did this you deactivated all other subscriptions and the one I bought second would have lasted until 7/6. Just wondering if this was a mistake or intentional, if it was a mistake i'd be happy if you reactivate it or give me a week of some other sub. Thanks for your time as always ^v^
  11. Hello! I pretty much just joined the site and already bought 2 cheats and i'm loving them already. While I was buying I did not see that there was a package for all of the cheats in one, since I have already spent 2500 tokens on 2 active subscriptions, I was wondering if I can get the master subscription but with the same amount of days left as the first one I bought. Of course I'm not expecting this to happen or if this is even a possibility but it would be nice, I am also looking to buy the master subscription once my two current ones expire. Keep up the good service 😄 - Cheers,
  12. Thanks for answering, I understand it now 😄
  13. Sorry for asking so many question but how do I move where my cursor is going in the replay editor? I'm sorry if it's really obvious im just stupid lmao
  14. thank you so much bro, it is appreciated
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