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  1. 19k to go need to sell my ass brb
  2. lmao but aint working chief 😞
  3. Can i use Enlighten somehow on Stream? Without everybody seeing it that i changed it to ar10
  4. how :s why should i share my paid cheats bruh im a jew i m not sharing how to verify brother will do
  5. man i would give more info but these faggots from osureport maybe chillin here
  6. Yea i fucked up with timewrap its roo obv rn trying to fix that score tho the spinner spins way too fast like 430 rpm is way too much looking to other replays only with the spin i almost got #1 idk how to fix that now didnt know that that shit spins like rx mod and i wouldnt recomend using it with enlighten ar10+100 speed cursor moves too fast
  7. hi i cant use the loader anymore i think bc i switch between my laptop and pc is there a solution for it how long do i have to wait
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