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  1. Even if you disconnect your internet cheat engine timewarp is still detected.
  2. rumoi

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Just thought I would note that I do take reports seriously. But right now not enough information has been given to me on exactly what happened. This user (Saffonne) has a lot of sketchy sock puppet accounts so it is not looking good for them :(
  4. You start the map and it will auto play. Do you need help with actually editing? For miss aims you just have to press shift and use the mouse wheel to snap to your press where you missed (mouse wheel down goes to the next and up goes to your previous) and then you click in your middle mouse button and move your cursor to where you want to hit on the note. Middle mouse or left clicking while the note is blue would confirm.
  5. I am not sure about the present but in the past it was half random what would happen. Sometimes your main would be affected sometimes not. I think if you were blatantly cheating (not just multiaccounting) they were more likely to affect both accounts. But if you want to mess around on a new account you can just use dejavu and change/spoof your ip. On another note osu has a lot of checks for new accounts based primarily off play count/time and account age.
  6. You can already make/share custom profiles. I will work on making it more accessible in the future.
  7. Make sure your osu is not in compatibility mode, If you put streamer mode on then you wont be able to see the menu.
  8. Legacy does not support flashlight as in 99% of cases it would look like you are just playing with flash light being removed. The non legacy ar changer has options to make it look like you genuinely have memorized the map like the preemptive dot with no fade in. This mode also does not show up on stream which is pretty mandatory if you want to have a believable case.
  9. I updated the Mania cheat to support random and the new mirror mod. It's not live right now but should be when kev comes online.
  10. I have updated the mania cheat to support random + mirror. It will be live once kev gets online.
  11. No. If you use the automatic aim path edit in the editor there wont be anything that is too fast unless you are editing something very insane (even then you could use shift + s and move the nodes if you wished). As for timewarp a simple 5-7% increase in aim speed is not enough for any one/thing to get substantial evidence.
  12. If you are using 1.45 with double time then you are fine. Don't use timewarp to speed up nomod to be 145% instead of 100%. Seeing your play history will clearly show consistent impossible timings.
  13. Hey lifetime subs are normally available around December. There are user exceptions but normally they are given nearer to the start of the year.
  14. I banned a few accounts I could connect to them. They are a resident account creation spammer so as always be careful of new users selling accounts. Shame really because he was given a second chance for a charge back dispute last year.
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