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  1. rumoi


    I already have other ideas.
  2. rumoi

    Relax suggestion

    AQN relax already functions like this.
  3. rumoi

    askin about lifetime subs

    It will be around christmas time.
  4. rumoi

    Where to put aqn loader?

    No it is not. That is the most useless way to do things it does nothing.
  5. rumoi

    osu! freezes and then closes

    Could never reproduce again. Just don't use scorev2 if its a weird scorev2 issue? My only guess was timewarp + scorev2 doing something fucked. *edit* yeah I got it to reproduce the crash with timewarp and scorev2 - for now you will just have to avoid combing the two.
  6. rumoi


    Dejavu will let you create a new account without getting a server error. You will still have to change your IP (most ISP give you a new IP if you restart your router) and play like a 'new player' for a bit.
  7. rumoi

    aqn launcher error

    Should be fixed so I'm closing the thread.
  8. rumoi

    aqn launcher error

    Can you add me on discord? rumoi#4306 It's very strange that your loader is having issues.
  9. rumoi

    aqn launcher error

    Are you using an older version of windows 7.
  10. rumoi

    osu! freezes and then closes

    I am about to sleep but I will check it out tomorrow. I reproduced a crash (only tried once) by doing the exact same settings and map that you did so I should be able to narrow it down once I wake.
  11. rumoi

    aqn launcher error

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52685 Install the x86 version of this.
  12. rumoi

    osu! freezes and then closes

    Does not happen to me and all my test users. I will need a video or something.
  13. rumoi

    Crash after loading relax

    You would need to add one of us in discord. rumoi#4306 or KevAQN#2696
  14. rumoi

    osu! freezes and then closes

    There has been no program or osu updates.
  15. rumoi

    Did the auto bot get taken down?

    It is the slider at the bottom.