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  1. rumoi

    A few questions

    1. You can only buy the subscriptions with tokens. 2. There is no auto renewal of any kind. 3. No idea? Just use one of the generic commonly used ones I guess?
  2. rumoi


    Swapped them around for you.
  3. I added a warning if you set your play speed over the mods at all. I also added a warning for changes that are over 15%.
  4. rumoi


    Aim assist works normally on mouse and tablet, should work on touch screen too.
  5. Aim assist is working fine. Any configuration is fine; 2.0 is the strongest value. Press the home key to bring back the menu or check off the 'hide button on close' off under the misc settings.
  6. The aim assist leaves nothing that can be used to ban you in your replay. Especially at low values like 0.36 where it would just be slightly increasing your consistency.
  7. I would recommend to sticking with the aim assist and minor timewarp values. Relax just has a large 'foot print' - it's intrinsic to the cheat its self.
  8. I swapped them around for you.
  9. Like are you going to try and use this in your own baseless osu!report thread or are you just trying to be 'funny'?
  10. rumoi


    I already swapped it around when I said 'sure'.
  11. First you buy some 'aquila tokens' then after that goes through you buy any subscription with the tokens. Aim assist comes free under the misc option which is the grey gear icon.
  12. It could be done, but would it really be all that useful? You have to release any way to be ready for the next note. It holding it longer for you could also lead to some really fast re-actuations if you were to miss read. But I guess it could work with small values as a bit of an acc boost.
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