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  1. rumoi

    Can't load programs

    Did you restart your osu? If that fails try doing a quick pc restart.
  2. rumoi

    Can't load programs

    Restart your osu's and try again.
  3. rumoi

    Can't load programs

    Need more information than this. Even a video could help.
  4. AQN can run on windows 7 it was one broken version of windows 7 that did not work - updating your windows 7 SP can fix it.
  5. So it did help? Because you are not getting the missing dll error anymore?
  6. Literally has the link right next to the loader download. https://theaquila.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=78
  7. rumoi

    disable osu error reporting

    Should be completely safe.
  8. rumoi

    peppy is getting replay inspector?

    Nothing that I can see in cutting edge. *Edit:* did a more in deep check and everything is fine.
  9. rumoi

    peppy is getting replay inspector?

    What makes you think that?
  10. rumoi

    disable osu error reporting

    It disables osus error reporting. It is on by default because I think it would be best to have it on.
  11. Just checked the fix was reverted by accident 🦀 will be re fixed soon.
  12. Should already be fixed.
  13. rumoi

    Hey, I am shy (:

    Hey. Don't feel bad about being a 'dummy' anyone can get out of that as long as they are willing to read.
  14. rumoi

    peppy is getting replay inspector?

    Only disallow replays you actually want to edit from being submitted, just let the other through if you have no interest in editing that specific replay.