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  1. It was only like that for a few minutes. I re opened the port before you made this comment.
  2. It is currently not supported. How osu! handles it is pretty monkey. If there is enough demand I can look into supporting it.
  3. Make sure you do not open osu through a replay. Else uninstall all your .net frame works and install .net framework 4.6.1.
  4. Uhh why? There is no anticheat there. The admins do randomly ban people with no proof; If that is what you mean.
  5. Timewarp on stream? Okay - If he wanted to do it off stream he would just disable bongocat. I could make a miss/blunder hotkey for mania.
  6. I replied on the discord but I will write it here too. Enlighten was split off from being free with each program once I made it an actual separate program - It has quite a lot of code behind it and the main reason for that is you can ar/fl hack on stream while the viewers will see the original game. Dejavu is still free with each and every program and can be found under the white misc tab,
  7. Its not a problem?
  8. I have merged your subs into a master subscription. Enjoy.
  9. rumoi


    All of them. For timewarp you will need to keep the delta quite low. Just make sure to start a single single player map once and let it do its restarts.
  10. Hey the login server is up and running fine. Another user had an issue where it would not load properly because they were using a non admin user account on their computer. Are you by any chance in the same boat?
  11. Hey you can find enlighten in the 'new' loader which can be found here. https://theaquila.net/index.php?/announcement/2-click-here-to-download-loader/ But you do not appear to have an active sub.
  12. Was asleep and just woke up. For some reason the servers firewall keeps blocking the ports used for login. One second fix but can not do it while sleeping. You might need to restart both your osu and your launcher for it to fully work.
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