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  1. I am going to need some more information ontop of this, would you mind making a video and sending it to me in a private message?
  2. You have to be careful to not submit too many scores in a given time range. If you keep that in mind you can be fine.
  3. Can you make sure you have legacy mode turned off and that you have the 'compatibility mode' turned off inside the osu settings. You should be absolutely fine with that kind of ar modification, cs override is a non legacy mode specific option that visually changes the circle size.
  4. Wow I sure do love illegally living in NZ as an Australian and New Zealand dual citizen.
  5. Yeah I agree dude I can't believe how blatant the aim assist is on cookiezei and rafis' plays, like their cursors just shoot off all the time.
  6. Hey maybe if you repeat it enough times maybe an alternative universe will spawn where you are correct.
  7. Can you stop like nine posting? Edit your previous reply to add additional information.
  8. Or use the inbuilt score filter. The whole point of the replay editor is to not do any 'black box' unforeseen actions.
  9. I literally told you it was different. But hey what do I know!
  10. Brother. Can you please stop being retarded? I have told you for 3 days now that is not it. Fix your firewall. Quite interesting that the 'ports are down' when literally everyone else in the entire universe can load. It's interesting that the server is down... but it's only localized exactly to when you want to login.. oh wait maybe it is just you! Impossible can't be.
  11. I analyzed multiple player provided replays :)
  12. rumoi

    relax osu cheat

    Replace silent aim with the aim assist option under the misc tab :)
  13. rumoi

    timewarp speed

    You can't go lower than 50% because it would be very hard to look genuine. Even 50% is honestly unlikely.
  14. rumoi

    Auto Mouse

    Auto Normal : full auto bot that takes straight line Auto Dance : full auto bot that dances around Silent Aim : full auto bot that only activates on the frame of a press Correction : like silent aim but only activates if you are within 2x the slider radius osu!relax : does not affect your aim and instead is a super blatant relax designed to hit any note you ever go over I would recommend using the aim assist option at the bottom of the misc menu (the grey gear) - It's a legit setting that can actually be utilized. **edit** I should note that the aim assist would work with the 'osu!relax' setting under the blatant option.
  15. rumoi

    Auto Mouse

    There are multiple options under the blatant slider. But as it states they are BLATANT. Unless you are 'having fun' offline it will ALWAYS be a bad idea to use it online. No matter the usecase.
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