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  1. Price is 5 euros (or 7 euros in CSGO skins) Discord: Roselia#2197
  2. Tweak the unstable rate option and you'll get random 100s (or ctrl delay option works too)
  3. Selling osu! French account, 1k pp in taiko and ctb, +25h playtime in std. (account has been inactive for months) 7 euros (paypal or CSGO items) discord: Roselia#2197
  4. Bought an account from him, friendly guy 😄

  5. Yeah i guess, you really have many accounts :thonk:
  6. I don't get it, why would you need that?
  7. Imagine giving the profile link of the account your selling.. and now imagine buying the account
  8. Master


    No worries, my main got unbanned so i don't need anything anymore 🙂
  9. aaaaa removed
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