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  1. That's about what I gathered too yeah Maple seems cool, too bad they don't have the aim assist yet though
  2. Is there any other provider for undetected hacks or is the scene just gone
  3. Issue is fixed! What did it was deleting the randomly named file in %localappdata%. In case anyone else has the same issue try doing it, just keep in mind you have to log in again and it resets your previous settings.
  4. @rumoi Sorry for the tag but I've kept trying to get this to work for the entire day and nothing works, I've tried redownloading the loader, rebooting my PC and everything under the sun that I could come up with and nothing's working. It's getting pretty damn frustrating
  5. Thank you for the quick reply, unfortunately it didn't work. I've completely closed Discord, Steam and even Spotify(don't remember having any other programs that could interfere), I've also closed my browser just in case and a few additional programs. I've double-checked and osu is not running in compatibility mode nor as admin. Could there be a different issue or perhaps a different program that could cause this that I'm missing?
  6. Opening the GUI doesn't work, pressing the home button does nothing at all, and yes, it works fine as far as I can tell. So how can I disable streamer mode then?
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